Optimal 2 tool

Improve the efficiency and comfort of two-pipe radiator systems

Many multi-family buildings suffer from residents’ complaints about the noise, energy costs and comfort provided by the communal two-pipe heating system. Danfoss’ Optimal 2 Tool is an easy to use guide that analyses and, if needed, recommends the best possible solution. 

Below is a short impression of the Optimal 2 Tool. Download the guide now to find all the information and get started.

The installation overview indicates where to measure for a thorough analysis of the current system performance.

In case the system proves to be inefficient, the basis of improvement is to install thermostatic radiator valves with pre-setting of the required flow in combination with automatic balancing valves in the systems’ risers.

In order to achieve the correct design flow through each radiator, the pre-setting value is to be determined and performed on the radiator valves. It’s also possible to determine the pre-setting value by using Danfoss’ Valve Presetting App.

Optimal 2 Tool supports the selection of the automatic balancing solution in a simple way.

After selection of the best suited automatic balancing solution, the best suited dimension can be determined.