Supporting constant temperature at Montague Apple Orchard and Warehouse in Victoria, Australia

Monday, 28 March 2022

Australian Apple growers since 1948, Montague is a key player in the Australian food manufacturing industry with a 70-year legacy.

In their upcoming Narre Warren Cold Storage Warehouse, temperatures required a constant of 1°C.

The Challenge:

Support constant temperature to avoid condensation in apple storage

In their upcoming Narre Warren Cold Storage Warehouse, a constant temperature of 1°C is required to avoid condensation. To achieve and support the desired level of temperature, an electric heating solution was required.

The Solution:

Electric heating cables will minimise the risk of condensation

Our partner in Australia, Heat Zone Distribution, worked with Montague Apples in supplying heating to the steel columns of their distribution warehouse. Electric heating cables with an installed power of 27 806 kW were used to minimise the risk of condensation with a temperature difference of over 13°C between columns and outside air.

The Result:

Stabilisation of humidity levels

Electric heating serves to stabilise humidity levels allowing Montague Apples' automation systems to operate under specific temperatures. 

Project Overview:

Application type: Cold Stores
Area Size: 14 000m²
Installed power: 27 806 kW
Products: DEVIbasic Drum Goods, DEVIflex 18T Heating Cable
Year of implementation: 2020