Radiator thermostats for the only 7-star hotel in the world, Morgan Plaza, China

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Morgan Plaza, Beijing, China:
7-star luxury and gold coated Danfoss thermostats

The Beijing Olympics began on the 8th of August 2008, but the preparation went on for years.

That included the building of the so far only fourth 7-star hotel in the world – The Beijing 7-stars Morgan Plaza. 

Construction of Morgan Plaza began in 2002 and finished just in time for the Beijing Olympics.

The 270 rooms are equipped with comfort and luxury on each conceivable level. And this is where Danfoss get in the picture. 

Danfoss has supplied 236 design sets coated in gold. The sets are a part of the Danfoss X-tra Collection™ which won the prestigious IF Design award in 2005. 

A promise of a staff/guest ration of three-to-one will ensure that everyone is looked after and pampered in every way. 

Extravagant, luxuriant, superabundant

And it looks as though the engineers and architects have sought inspiration and rewritten the Olympic mantra ‘faster, higher, stronger' to something like ‘extravagant, luxuriant, superabundant'.

The hotel is situated in the bustling district of Changan in the northern part of Beijing - the area where the most expensive real estate in the whole of the city is found. Just across the street from the hotel are the main Olympic Stadium and the impressive National Aquatic center known as the ‘Water Cube'.

Guests staying at the 48-stories 7-stars Morgan Plaza has more than one million square feet of floor area on a site surrounded by shopping centers, fashionable apartments and the world's best Japanese restaurant and it's very own temple.