Electric heating system to prevent condensation in the Woolworths Distribution Centre

Monday, 28 March 2022

The Challenge:

Prevent condensation by compensating temperature differences between storage and office rooms

The Woolworths Distribution Centre was experiencing condensation due to the temperature differences between the cold storage facility and their offices. This resulted in water dripping hazards in their meeting rooms, canteen, and offices. 

The Solution:

To prevent and protect against these hazards, our partner in Australia - Heat Zone Distribution - supplied electric heating cables to the Woolworths facilities. NWR Electrical Services performed the installation.

The Result:

The space of 700.71m² was segmented into 4 zones and integrated the thermostats into the switchboards for a set and forget system. This enables you to compensate the temperature differences between the cold storage and office facilities and prevents condensation. The 2743.21 W electric heating system is an effective and easy-to-use solution to save space and lower initial costs.

Project Overview:

Application type: Indoor Heating
Area Size: 700.71m²
Installed power: 2743.21 W
Products: DEVIsnow 30T,  DEVIbasic Drum Goods, DEVIreg 330,  DEVIbasic 10S
Year of implementation: September 2021