Electric heating ensures safety along the asphalt road in Turkey

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

By 2050 the world’s population is expected to reach 9.8 billion. Nearly 70 percent — 6.7 billion people — are projected to live in urban areas.

As specialists in electric heating, we recognise that there are specific requirements to a modern city and we’re ready to make them realistic. Electric heating plays an integral role in the deployment of solutions to meet the present and future challenges of big cities. 

Educated by the lessons of the past and anticipating the challenges of the future, we consider safety as one of these requirements. Electric heating is a good example of how to achieve this on roads.

The Challenge:

Increased risk of vehicle accidents due to slippery roads in winter

Safety on the road is challenging, especially during winter. Snow on the road increases risk of accidents and temperatures below zero can cause the danger of black ice. Slippery asphalt leads to hazardous driving conditions, which often results in road accidents. Keeping a sufficient safety distance is a good safety measure that should always be taken, but there are also additional solutions that can help prevent severe accidents on the roads in winter.

The Solution:

Electric heating of the asphalt road ensures safety when needed

Protocol Road, the longest asphalt road equipped with electric heating is located in North Ankara, Turkey. The electric heating was installed along this 2 mile 2-way (3 lanes each) road connecting Ankara city centre and the airport.
Electric heating was chosen as a sustainable modern technology to ensure safety on this long road during its reconstruction.
The outdoor electric heating system is fully flexible and functions automatically. It is switched on once the sensors detect low temperature and moisture, and switched off after the surface is cleaned. This provides cost-effective protection to the large area and the most energy-efficient solution for asphalt frost protection. Managed by a high-end controller, the system is maintenance free.


Safety on roads with a sustainable outdoor solution

A sustainable result was achieved. The outdoor electric heating system ensures safety for traffic by efficient snow removal. It eliminates any needs to use machinery or manpower for cleaning the surface, and at the same time protects the environment against salting and antifreeze damage.

Project Overview:

Project size: 17 000 m²
Installed power: 6,7 MW
Products: DEVIsnowTM 30T  / ECsnow 30T - 245 km + DEVIregTM 850 / ECtemp 850.
Year of implementation: 2012

Facts about electric heating:

Electric heating is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, meeting your needs in various applications. It enables great comfort and convenience while ensuring user-friendly solutions with lasting effects and the highest quality standards.
Electric heating solutions are supported by legislation in key European countries. Directives that are coming into force in the biggest European markets give the green light for this technology: use eco-friendly systems and new materials to ensure energy saving.