Coburg’s First Passive House, Victoria Australia

Monday, 28 March 2022

Home By Hutt, Melbourne Design Studios, and Grand Designs Australia designed and built the first Passive Home in the humble suburb of Coburg, Melbourne. 

The Solution:

Our partner in Australia - Heat Zone Distribution - supplied underfloor heating to the Passive home.
The heating system was wired to rooftop solar panels for the highest cost savings. This project involved three under tile heated bathrooms (DEVIheat 150S) and the living area downstairs where electric heating was used for in slab heating (DEVIsnow 30T).

The Benefits:

Allergen-friendly heating
Efficient floor heating systems
Remote controlling for warmth on demand
Connection to the solar power system for ultimate cost savings 

Project Overview:

Application type: Indoor Heating
Area Size: 700 ft² 
Installed power: 3600 W
Products: DEVIheat 150S, Sensor Probes, DEVI Continuity Tester, DEVIreg Smart, DEVIsnow 30T
Year of implementation: 2021