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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Megastore saves energy and gains Brazil's first sustainability certificate

With an innovative air-conditioning installation based on Danfoss products, Leroy Merlin reached energy savings of around 20% at its new Brazilian megastore.

When the French company Leroy Merlin, one of the world’s biggest construction material and decoration chains, launched a new store in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, they were looking to create environments which respect nature and help save natural resources.

Thanks to a new air-conditioning system, the store gained the AQUA Certificate, a Brazilian certificate which is given to buildings that meet 14 environmental quality categories regarding sustainability. The retailer is the first in Brazil to be granted this certificate.

20% energy savings and better temperature control

According to Arbi, the technical consulting team that helped to build the complex, estimated energy savings have been around 20% with the new air-conditioning installation. Besides energy efficiency, this new system has an accurate and more efficient temperature control, is simple to install and easy to service.

"We have adopted sustainability in our operations because we believe more can be done for people's welfare. Not only can our customers count on a healthy and comfortable environment for shopping, but in Niterói they can also be sure they are contributing to the region's sustainable and balanced development," says Alain Ryckeboer, managing director of Leroy Merlin Brazil.

Using energy-efficient Danfoss products

To reach the high standards of the certificate, Leroy Merlin installed an air-conditioning appliance with energy-efficient products and the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A ecological gas – developed by Hitachi Ar Condicionado do Brasil with Danfoss products. They used sight glasses, expansion valve, ball valves, filter drier, inverter technology featuring compressors and variable speed drives, all of which boost energy savings and provide the required temperature control. 

Following the success of the new refrigeration system, Leroy Merlin now aims to expand it to other stores. "Leroy's ambition is that all its new stores and retrofits will have the AQUA Certificate," says Arnaldo Biondo from Arbi.

The new air-conditioning system has also been implemented at Danfoss' Brazilian headquarters in Osasco, São Paulo.

Variable speed performance comparison

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