Save time and money - by using Danfoss components in the development of your heat pump systems

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Our studies have shown that reducing the number of your suppliers by just 1 can bring substantial savings. The savings arise from countless small efficiency gains – one less order to place, one less delivery to manage – combining to give an impressive reduction in your overall costs. And at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of your product.

Danfoss fine tunes everything for optimal performance in your application

With our Heat Pump Componet Philosophy (HPCP) Danfoss offers you the opportunity to reduce your supplier base. At the same time it gives you peace of mind and security knowing that years of accumulated knowledge and experience means we have a range of highly developed and specially adapted heat pump components to meet your needs. Each individual part is fine tuned for optimal performance in this application, supporting you in the drive to greater efficiency.

Whether you require Compressors, Heat Exchangers, Controllers, Line Components or Expansion Devices Danfoss offers a range of components, fully developed with the application in focus, precisely adapted to meet the needs of heat pump systems.

HHP scroll compressors with new reed valve design and optimised scroll set meet today’s high energy efficiency expectations. At the same time you’ll improve your heat pump's capacities in extreme conditions, even when outdoor temperatures go below -20°C.

H-range Micro Plate Heat Exchangers

H-range Micro Plate Heat Exchangers optimised for heat pump applications for condensers or evaporators in your air or ground source heat pumps.H-range Micro Plate Heat Exchangers

A wide range of Controllers for heat pump applications with several options and different levels of support to assist your development process. All are based on a global, open and flexible system and can be programmed using standard communication protocols.

MCX - Electronic Controllers

Danfoss' Heat Pump Line Components compact, lightweight, offering high accuracy. Suitable for a variety of applications such as diagnostics and performance monitoring. They offer flexibility in terms of installation and connection options as well as different connection styles.

Filter Driers

Whether you need Electronic or Thermostatic Expansion Devices, Danfoss offers extremely safe solutions. Use these well proven Danfoss components in your heat pump system and pass on the benefits of greater efficiency and reliability to your customers.

Thermostatic Expansion Devices