From HFCs/HCFCs to ammonia - brief guidance on changing to ammonia

Thursday, 19 February 2015

In this new technical article you will get valuable technical insights into some of the differences between HFC/HCFC plants and ammonia plants. It will give you an introduction to what you need to consider when you start working with the environmentally friendly and energy efficient Ammonia in your industrial refrigeration application.

The article is created based on European legislation where PED and EN 378 apply. The article covers a number of interesting topics such as:

  • Background on ammonia as a refrigerant
  • Why ammonia is a good refrigerant
  • Ammonia plant vs HFC/HCFC plant: some differences
  • Basic ammonia plant: DX
  • Basic ammonia/CO2 brine and cascade
  • Things to consider when changing to ammonia
  • Why ammonia is better than HFCs/HCFCs
  • Summary of main differences between ammonia and HFCs/HCFCs
  • Danfoss products for ammonia
  • Danfoss know-how and support tools


Download the article (24 pages)