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The Danfoss electrical actuators for combination with our control vales provide a new level of convenience through excellent control performance and quality features. The actuators provide risk reduction trough improved overload protection, which ensures trouble-free operation of the actuator inside the system.

The motorized control valves ensure stable and accurate control of water. This in turn improves temperature control, leading to enhanced comfort for the end-user. Good control ratios and rapid response times to changes in domestic hot water supply requirements are just some of the features needed to ensure optimum control performance.

Actuator features:

  • Anti-oscillation
  • Control ratio
  • Stroke limitation
  • Split characteristics
  • Modification of controls characteristic (65X actuators)

Features and benefits

Easy selection, installation, commissioning and maintenance mean less time, money and effort

Built-in thermic and overload protection of the electromotor

External LED visualization and signaling save time and effort during installation and commissioning of MCVs


Type Name Language Valid for Updated Download File type
Data sheet AME 10 and 13 series modulating actuator English United States 26 Jun, 2016 238.1 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 10/20/30, AME 13/23/33 English Multiple 15 Mar, 2020 1.6 MB .pdf
Data sheet AME 11 English Multiple 03 Feb, 2019 685.8 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 110 NL / AME 120 NL English Multiple 05 May, 2014 804.1 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 110NLX English Multiple 05 Jun, 2019 701.8 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 120 NLX-1 English Multiple 04 Aug, 2019 834.7 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 13 SU_SD-1 Actuator Datasheet_VDMJA122 English United States 30 Jul, 2019 536.4 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 13 SU-1, AME 13 SD-1 English Multiple 04 Mar, 2020 541.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 130, AME 140, AME 130 H, AME 140 H English Multiple 31 Mar, 2017 824.5 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 13SU, AME 23SU English Multiple 03 Feb, 2019 932.5 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 140X English Multiple 11 Jul, 2013 1.0 MB .pdf
Data sheet AME 25, 35 English Multiple 18 Nov, 2020 871.8 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 25SU, AME 25SD English Multiple 18 Nov, 2020 1.2 MB .pdf
Data sheet AME 435 English Multiple 26 Nov, 2014 1.1 MB .pdf
Data sheet AME 435QM English Multiple 22 Oct, 2014 993.9 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 438 SU English Multiple 05 Oct, 2015 801.4 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 445 (internal use) English Multiple 14 Jun, 2016 897.7 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 55 QM English Multiple 25 Oct, 2016 555.2 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 55, AME 56 English Multiple 23 Dec, 2018 1.0 MB .pdf
Data sheet AME 655/658 SU/658 SD/659 SD English Multiple 23 Nov, 2020 2.2 MB .pdf
Data sheet AME 655-1, AME 658 SU-1, AME 658 SD-1, AME 685-1 English Multiple 28 Jul, 2020 1.8 MB .pdf
Data sheet AME 685 English Multiple 23 Apr, 2016 1.8 MB .pdf
Data sheet AME 85, AME 86 English Multiple 05 Oct, 2015 554.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 855 English Multiple 08 Sep, 2016 646.5 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME 85QM English Multiple 25 May, 2010 486.9 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME120NLX-1 Actuator Datasheet VDHUW122 English United States 29 Jan, 2018 835.7 KB .pdf
Data sheet AME55QM Actuator Datasheet English Multiple 31 May, 2016 171.5 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMEK English Multiple 23 Feb, 1998 177.5 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMER English Multiple 24 Feb, 1998 449.3 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMES English Multiple 24 Feb, 1998 278.2 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 10, AMV 13 (YADOS) English Germany 08 Dec, 2019 807.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 10/20/30/13/23/33 English Multiple 20 Nov, 2018 1.1 MB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 11 English Multiple 03 Feb, 2019 466.0 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 110 NL / AMV 120 NL English Multiple 05 May, 2014 849.0 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 120 NL-1 English Multiple 02 Dec, 2019 975.8 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 13 SU/23 SU English Multiple 21 Jun, 2020 1.3 MB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 130, AMV 140, AMV 130 H, AMV 140 H English Multiple 31 Mar, 2017 865.9 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 150 English Multiple 31 Mar, 2017 449.9 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 20/23/30 SL English Multiple 03 Feb, 2019 639.0 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 25, 35 English Multiple 28 Nov, 2020 788.4 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 25SU, AMV 25SD English Multiple 26 Nov, 2020 1.2 MB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 323/423/523 English Multiple 09 Aug, 2005 351.7 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 435 English Multiple 26 Nov, 2014 744.2 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 438 SU English Multiple 05 Oct, 2015 692.9 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 55, AMV 56 English Multiple 25 Oct, 2016 569.4 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 655/658 SU / 658 SD / 659 SD English Multiple 16 Jan, 2019 1.6 MB .pdf
Data sheet AMV 85, AMV 86 English Multiple 05 Oct, 2015 418.6 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV(E) 410/413/610/613/633 English Multiple 14 May, 2011 700.0 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV120NL-1 Actuator Datasheet English United States 30 Sep, 2018 932.4 KB .pdf
Data sheet AMV435 Actuator Datasheet VDHUT122 English United States 27 Jun, 2016 665.1 KB .pdf
Data sheet Battery Backup for AME 55QM & 85QM- VDHUD122 English United States 02 Feb, 2012 164.5 KB .pdf

Tools and apps

Application guide


AMV or AME are designations that describe how the actuator is controlled. AMV means that the actuator is either 2-point or 3-point controlled, AME means that the actuator has modulating control. This is a very important difference since not every type of control is appropriate for every application.
Modulating, or AME actuators, are appropriate for precise regulation of the flow as they also have feedback signal and can position themselves very precisely in accordance to the signal from the controller. Furthermore, AME (sometimes also called the electronic version of actuators) actuators provide more features on DIP switches and provide much more flexibility and control variations for the customer.
AMV actuators usually by default have no active return signal, unless there is a potentiometer used inside, and are not so precise when it comes to the flow control, but still offer a very good solution for customer requirements.

A suitable replacement could currently be AME 655 or AME 55 actuators. In future there will also be a AME 685 actuator which can be used.
See the technical details for AMB 162/182 actuators:

Most actuators do not work on AC and DC voltage because they have synchronous motors technology. Now new BLDC motors are coming and this technology can work on AC or DC actuators due to the so-called serial connection between stator and rotor of the electric motor.
This kind of actuators, like AME 435 and AME 655/658/659, are able to work with AC or DC voltage but only for 24V in one or 230V in another version of the actuator, not both at the same time. If you have DC voltage in the system and have an AC actuator, we recommend to look for a suitable replacement or install an inverter in your system.
See the technical details for AME 435 actuators:

AUX switches are additional switches in the actuator that send signals to the recipient (can be other actuator, boiler, pump or controller) when the certain point of the actuator position is passed, this usually means when actuator end positions are reached (totally open or closed).

The safety function is a feature of the actuators, which is mandatory by law or customer requirement, to close or open the valve in case of a power failure. It often happens that the power is out and the valve is therefore not under control anymore. This could lead to catastrophic consequences for the application/industry and most importantly for the safety of everyone in the vicinity of the valve as it can have more than 130°C of pressurised water in the system.
The safety function enables you to close or open the valve automatically (via the spring inside the actuator) each and every time the power goes out. SD means spring down, which will move the actuator to lowest end position, SU means spring up which will move the actuator to highest end position. You can find both versions in the Danfoss portfolio.
See the range of actuators:

The answer is YES. Usually, actuators have linear characteristic, but with the new AME actuators like e.g. in the AME 435 and AME 655/658/659 actuators, you can change the characteristic of the actuator with DIP switch settings. For more information about this, please look in the data sheets.

All the AME actuators have the possibility to choose either voltage input signal from the controller (U) or current signal from the controller (I) on a DIP switch. There is also an additional option to choose that the actuator either will work from the 0(2)-10V or the 0(4)-20mA signal from the controller.

The speed of the actuators that are using synchronous motors is fixed on a frequency that is used in the supply 230V AC voltage. You can increase the speed of the actuator, if you use a 60Hz supply voltage. This solution is, however, not recommended as you will not be able to know how much faster the actuator is actually moving.
We recommend that you choose Danfoss AME actuators with BLDC motors technology as they have speed selection possibility on DIP switch. For example AME 655/658/659 actuators can move at either 2 s/mm or 6 s/mm, depending on the setting on the DIP switch. To check which actuators have selectable speed, please contact our sales organization.

It often happens that the actuator has larger stroke than the valve. Danfoss actuators have a self-commissioning protocol where they find the end positions of the valve on which they are mounted automatically. The actuator remembers these positions itself and adapts its stroke to the valve. This is how a lot of time and trouble can be saved when installing / commissioning the actuator on the valve.

Yes, an adapter is needed for this combination due to a different design of valve neck for the range DN 65-80. The needed adapter for the actuator to be able to be mounted on the valve is 065Z0312.

Case studies

  • Intelligent optimisation of district energy in new residential apartments
    Two new build apartments in Docklands, London and Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire have been equipped with intelligent Danfoss solutions, bringing increased control and stability as well as greater than 20% peak energy reduction.
  • MS Cinderella saves more than 1000 tpa marine diesel with new ventilation control
    MS Cinderella saves more than 1000 tpa marine diesel with new ventilation control
    Aboard the Viking Lines cruise ship M/S Cinderella, Danfoss AC variable speed drives are delivering fuel savings so large that the cost of installing the drives will be fully recovered in less than eighteen months.
  • Solar heating plant reduces CO2 emissions by 15,700 tonnes annually
    Solar heating plant reduces CO2 emissions by 15,700 tonnes annually
    The world’s largest solar heating plant in Silkeborg, Denmark harnesses energy to heat the homes and workplaces of 40,000 citizens. It supplies 18-20% of the annual heat consumption in the city of Silkeborg, Denmark, which has an ambitious target of CO2 neutrality in heat production by the year 2030.
  • HVAC control at Katowice business centre, Poland
    Katowice Business Centre is a modern office building where Danfoss hydronic balancing solutions are used; AB-QM balancing and control valves in combination with revolutionary NovoCon® actuators.
  • Energy comfort in Prime Tower, Zurich, Switzerland
    The Prime Tower in Zurich is a building of many records. With its 126 meters it is the tallest building in Switzerland with 36 floors and 40,000 square meters accommodating mostly offices. And with its more than 6,000 AB-QM valves it is also one of the biggest heating and cooling installations ever designed and installed by Danfoss.