Lower your life-cycle cost with the Danfoss Flexline™

The Flexline™ platform is synonymous with flexibility within industrial refrigeration. Based on a modular design concept, you will experience that each product features a variety of benefits, including easy selection, installation and maintenance. As there is no functionality in the housing, you change the function of a valve by a simple swapping of the insert.

Your road to sustainability with Flexline™ is clear as lower life-cycle costs and emissions derived from leaks are further reduced thanks to its innovative design and carefully engineered valve ports. With Flexline™ you are guaranteed that your needs are accommodated by a reliable, safe and green solution – now and in the future.

With Danfoss, you benefit from one single supplier that facilitates the whole process from start to finish. By using our Flexline™ platform, you get an intelligent and cost-efficient modular solution that is approved for all refrigerants in all markets.

The Flexline™ platform comprises:

  • SVL Flexline™ shut-off valve / regulating valve / check valve / check & stop valve / strainer
  • ICV Flexline™ control valve
  • ICF Flexline™ complete valve station
Danfoss Flexline™ platform for industrial refrigeration

Flexline™ platform

One Flexline™ platform - multiple options. 100+ applications covered with flexible, time-saving and simple modularity.

Features and benefits

Modular solutions that fit almost any application

Solutions approved for high pressure, up to 52 bar (754 psi) and for natural refrigerants

Direct-weld design ensures perfect fit and no leakage

High energy efficiency

Compact design

Plug and play installation

ICF Flexline™ stainless steel valve station - Danfoss

New stainless steel valve station

Danfoss has just released a stainless steel version of its successful ICF Flexline™ valve station for industrial refrigeration.


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Brochure Eén Flexline-platform - Meerdere opties (ICV, ICF & SVL) Dutch, Flemish Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 1.1 MB .pdf
Brochure Eine Flexline-Plattform - Unterschiedliche Einsatzmöglichkeiten (ICV, ICF & SVL) German Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 1.1 MB .pdf
Brochure Én Flexline platform- Mange muligheder (ICV, ICF & SVL) Danish Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 1.1 MB .pdf
Brochure One Flexline platform Multiple options (ICV, ICF & SVL) English Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 1.0 MB .pdf
Brochure Uma Plataforma Flexline - Múltiplas opções (ICV, ICF & SVL) Portuguese Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 1.1 MB .pdf
Brochure Una plataforma Flexline - Múltiples opciones (ICV, ICF & SVL) Spanish, Castilian Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 1.1 MB .pdf
Brochure Une plate-forme Flexline unique - Des options multiples (ICV, ICF & SVL) French Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 1.2 MB .pdf
Brochure Un'unica piattaforma Flexline - Multiple opzioni (ICV, ICF & SVL) Italian Multiple 14 Aug, 2019 1.1 MB .pdf



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Coolselector®2 features unbiased calculations for the selection of refrigeration and air conditioning components based on the user’s requirements or based on standard operating conditions.


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Application development centers

Application Development Centers - Danfoss

Application Development Centers

Partner up with us to prepare for the future. At our global Application Development Centers we offer a collaborative environment with expert support and state-of-the-art test facilities for refrigeration and air conditioning.

We are Engineering Tomorrow. Together. Today.

Case studies

  • Danfoss secures a major design win for a landmark CO₂ refrigeration project in china
    Danfoss secures a major design win for a landmark CO₂ refrigeration project in China

    The global climate & energy leading company Danfoss is pleased to report that its award winning valve station for industrial refrigeration, called the ICF Flexline™, recently achieved a major milestone in China