ICF 20-2 solenoid valve

Introducing the new ICF 20-2 solenoid valve

Meet the ICF 20-2, a next-generation solenoid valve. It is the successor to the legendary EVRA(T) 10/15/20 and boosted by future-proof upgrades. Easy configuration and servicing have made the EVRA(T) 10/15/20 solenoid valve a legend in its field. And the next-generation ICF-20 solenoid valve
carries on this legacy one-to-one—with the functionality you know boosted by future-proof upgrades.

Features and benefits

Direct welding replaces flanged gaskets to prevent leaks, improve safety, and promote greener operation

Forged housing guarantees operation in a wider range of applications, including CO2, down to -60ºC and up to 65 bar

Streamlined two-welding design reduces complexity

ICF platform offers future-proof scalability in NH3, CO2, and flammable applications

90% of currently used EVRA(T) connections are covered by a large variety of connection types and sizes

Butt-weld DIN, ASME and SOC, and Brazing connections for CO2 applications

Product overview

Five major upgrades. Endless potential

Tap into future-proof features when you use ICF 20-2 solenoid valve, the successor to the legendary EVRA(T) 10/15/20.

A great master passes on its legacy: EVRA(T) 10/15/20 becomes ICF 20-2

The new ICF 20-2 solenoid valve takes the functionality and serviceability you know from EVRA(T) 10/15/20 to the next level with future-proof upgrades.