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Angle seat valves for demanding applications

Pneumatic valve types, also known as air operated angle seat valves or externally operated valves are the optimum valve choice when a standard solenoid valve is not able to do the job.

The pneumatic valve is a real trouble shooter solution for difficult conditions; it allows very large flow rates, it can operate from zero differential pressure and with high media temperatures, it operates at high viscosities and with dirty media, and it operates in EEx areas, merely by placing the pilot valve outside the area. The valve is equipped with a pneumatic actuator supplied by a three-way solenoid valve. The pressure of the pilot medium enters the actuator cylinder and acts on the piston, which allows the seal to open or to close through the stem. The return of the seal into its rest position is usually achieved by a return spring that can be found in the pneumatic actuator.

Application for pneumatic valves

The trouble shooter valve has a countless number of application possibilities:

  • Cooling
  • Pre-heating
  • Sterilizers and autoclaves
  • High pressure lubrication
  • Steam distribution
  • Bottling
  • Equipment for textile production
  • Equipment for industrial steam pressing
  • Mixing of paints, inks and colours
  • Equipments for industrial washing and cleaning
  • And many more...
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Pneumatic valve technology

In the double acting configuration there is no return spring and the pilot medium is used both for opening and for closing the valve. Learn more in this eLesson. 

Features and benefits

For all fluids and gases

Bronze version for water, oil and compressed air

Stainless steel version for neutral and
aggressive liquid and gaseous media

The valves can be used for rough vacuum

Operating pressure up to 16 bar / 232 psi,
depending on valve type


Find the technical documentation for our products here.

Fluid controls overview - Danfoss

Protect your system - Hammer your costs

Solenoid, angle seat and thermostatic valves - a fluid control product overview.


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