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Minimize energy loss in the distribution network and achieve substantial energy savings

Leanheat® Production is a world-class district energy management, optimization, and planning tool. It is an advanced software for forecasting, planning, and optimizing district energy production and distribution. The future-proof software helps adjust, reduce, and optimize energy consumption.

Leanheat® Production is setting the standard in the 4th generation of
district energy and allows users to exploit the many benefits of digitalization:
- Major reductions of heat loss in the network
- Significant energy savings
- Better utilization of production output

Optimize your district energy system with Leanheat® Production

  • Load forecasting - predicting the exact heat consumption in the district heating network
  • Temperature optimization - reduction of heat loss by 5-10% leads to big annual cost savings
  • Production optimization - save between 1-3% on fuel costs by choosing the right mix of sources
  • Low Return On Investment (ROI) – between 0.5 to 2 years

Working with Leanheat® Production:

  • Better overview of network operation
  • More than 95% load forecast accuracy
  • Easy access to data

Reduce costs with temperature optimization:

  • Considerable annual cost savings
  • Less maintenance and repair of pipeline network due to optimized balance

Achieve savings with production optimization:

  • Big fuel savings
  • Significant time savings in planning

With the Leanheat® Production modular solution, you only buy the functionality you need. The software comprises a series of modules for load forecasting, temperature optimization, and production optimization. The modules can be combined to meet individual needs, meaning that you can go with the full package or just opt for some of the modules, e.g. the load forecast.

How it works

Leanheat® Production consists of three modules, as shown in the left figure, with the load forecast working as the indispensable cornerstone, enabling users to assess heat consumption six days ahead, optimize the supply temperature, and optimize production units based on price and availability.

This leads to reductions of heat loss in networks, the realization of energy savings, and better utilization of production. It makes an investment in Leanheat® Production very sound, typically with a payback time of approximately 1 to 2 years.


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