The indoor thermostat is an integral component of the electric heating system, used to control the floor heating. 

Thermostats are electronic devices allowing precise control of the floor surface or air temperatures.

They are equipped with air or/and underfloor temperature sensors to control the heating element.

Regardless of the chosen type, please note that the floor sensor is mandatory to ensure that the floor construction does not get overheated. With a floor sensor, the thermostat limits the floor temperature to rise, and keeps the surface at a safe and desirable level.

Indoor thermostats can be divided into 3 main types:

  • Digital thermostats allow the user precise control of the floor surface, air temperatures or a combination of both.
  • Analogue thermostats are electronic control units, allowing setting the heating system type in indoor applications and adjustment of control parameters.
  • Semi-digital thermostats are EcoDesign compliant timer-controlled electric heating thermostats, providing customers a hassle-free installation and complete flexibility – from design to control. 

Features and benefits

Easy economy and way of reducing electricity bills

Easy installation

Easy control