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Optimal performance from day one

DrivePro® Start-up is built on more than 50 years of AC drives manufacturing experience and supports all the latest Danfoss drives product releases. Optimizing your AC drives during the commissioning process ensures maximum energy efficiency, lifetime extension, and cost savings for your system from day one.

Our trained engineers will inspect your installation, set drives parameters based on Danfoss manufacturer recommendations, and run a real test on the application. In addition, we will provide you with hands-on instructions and a Danfoss recommendation for commissioned AC drives operating ensuring reduced carbon emissions and energy waste, while maximizing the value of your drive.

The DrivePro® Start-up service is provided to suit your time schedule. It provides you with the peace of mind that your AC drives are installed and configured correctly.

How it works

Features and benefits

Ensure correct installation and optimal fine-tuning for the application and process

  • Extend the AC drive lifetime by up to 50%
  • Decrease your operational downtime by up to 30%

Danfoss expertise improves process efficiency and energy savings

  • Improve operational efficiency, up to 20% annual energy savings right from the first start-up

Shorten commissioning time with proven start-up procedures tailored for Danfoss AC drives

  • Save on commissioning costs


The standard package starts with drawing up a schedule of work to be carried out. When this has been agreed with you, the Danfoss engineer will make a comprehensive inspection of the drive installation. He will perform fine-tuning of the drive parameters so they are accurately matched to your application. The engineer will then carry out functional testing of the drive/motor system, and provide basic training for your maintenance team so they know how to keep the drive working at peak efficiency throughout its life. Conclusively, the Danfoss engineer will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed start-up report.


The service does not include installation of the drive. Before the DrivePro® Start-up service can be carried out, you must make sure that it’s installed in line with the instructions provided in the relevant Danfoss installation manual and programming guide.

The drive also needs to be ready to be powered up for the first time, but the first power up must be carried out by the Danfoss engineer as part of the DrivePro® Start-up service. Also, drives with extraordinary fieldbus options, motion control options and/or functional safety option boards are outside the standard scope of the service.


Ideally, you would place your order for the service at the same time you place the order for your drive(s). That gives you and Danfoss enough time to schedule the work to be carried out at a suitable time. You can also place your order after you’ve installed the drives but there is one important condition – for new drives, you must have the DrivePro® Start-up service carried out before you apply power to the drive.


In most instances, yes, but there are a few cases where it might be useful for existing drives or drive systems. These include, for example, when a drive has undergone a major repair or upgrade. The best thing to do in these cases is to discuss your requirements with your local Danfoss contact, who will be able to advise whether or not the DrivePro® Start-up service is a good way of meeting your needs.


The DrivePro® Start-up service is currently available for selected drives. We are constantly evaluating our customers’ needs and working to expand the range of drives for which we can supply the service. Your local Danfoss contact will be able to tell you whether your drives are eligible.


Several factors influence the price including the type and number of drives you want the service for, the distance the Danfoss engineer has to travel to your site and whether you want any of the extra modules. It’s worth knowing that if the engineer can provide the DrivePro® Start-up service for several drives on the same site at the same time, a discount will apply. Once we’ve assessed these factors, we will quote you a fixed and inclusive price for the service.


Case studies