DrivePro® Retrofit

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Ensure maximum production and efficiency

Boost overall performance and energy efficiency of your AC drive system by replacing outdated AC drives with the latest technology.

With the proactive approach of planning the replacement well in advance, you can fit the retrofit into your timeline and adjust for any production restrictions that may occur. This keeps your production running with minimum delay, and you can enjoy a reliable budget without unexpected costs.

How it works

Features and benefits

Adopt the latest technology with the right drive for the application

  • Achieve additional process and energy efficiency in your existing system
  • Only pay for what you need
  • 100% compatibility and durability
  • Ensure best protection for your other equipment

Coordinated replacement of large volumes of AC drives

  • Mitigate installation costs
  • Benefit from Danfoss expertise to ensure fast and easy replacement selection, commissioning, and maintenance planning

Replacement schedule

  • Efficiently replace the outdated products with latest technology AC drives
  • Ensure maximum uptime with careful planning
  • Avoid unexpected cost for emergency drive support


We can retrofit all products that are in limited or inactive lifecycle status with newer technology and more energy-efficient products.

MyDrive Assistant can also help identify the best replacement AC drive depending on type code or sales code.


  • Any kind of installation
  • Any commissioning. However, Danfoss is ready to support you in commissioning newly installed drives drives with DrivePro® Start-up.

Danfoss is ready to support you every step of the way. DrivePro® Start-up is a professional commissioning service that configures the AC drive according to your application. That service ensures the AC drive is working at its full potential to ensure maximum availability and process performance.


Yes. Often there is a commercial advantage in replacing a large volume of AC drives in a single coordinated project. It helps to plan well in advance in order to reduce planned operational downtime.


Typically 12-18 months before moving a product to the limited lifecycle status, Danfoss sends a letter to customers notifying them that a certain product will reach the end of its lifecycle and will no longer be produced. In that letter Danfoss will also provide information about the best alternative product for retrofit.

If a failure occurs, AC drives in the limited lifecycle will have reduced service options, which increases the risks of longer downtime and costs of failure. Therefore, Danfoss recommends DrivePro® Retrofit service when drives transition to limited or inactive lifecycle status.

Ultimately, it is the customer's decision to replace the AC drive still in service.

Read more about the lifecycle management model


With DrivePro® Retrofit, we always replace the drive with its successor product or the best alternative product from our portfolio of AC drives in the new and active lifecycle stages.

With DrivePro® Exchange, we always replace the drive with the same type of product.

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