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Minimize unexpected downtime and increase your efficiency with faster response

To make the best decisions and keep your installed base running at an optimized level, you need facts. With DrivePro® Remote Monitoring, you will have a system that provides online information available for monitoring in real time. It collects all the relevant data and analyzes it so that you can resolve issues before they have an impact on your processes.

It offers centralized backup and restores capabilities for all AC drives connected to DrivePro® Remote Monitoring, as well as full visibility of and access to the whole connected drive asset including drive firmware versions.

You can react much faster to incidents where an AC drive is involved. This is possible due to the built-in alerting system that generates faults and warnings relating to, for instance, AC drive failures, and measurement thresholds. As part of the service, customers can call the local Danfoss technical support or the local service partner so that experts can examine the data that has been collected and use it as an aid to fault-finding.

How it works

Features and benefits

Immediate alerts in case of drive fault

  • Quick response to issues

Key drive data and parameters stored in cloud

  • Fast access to essential information

Fault data available in the cloud

  • Rapid, accurate resolution

Accurate, real-time measurements and analytics KPIs from the drives

  • Ability to check the status and make the right decisions

AC drive parameters are backed up safely in a centralized location

  • Simple recovery in case of AC drive failure or exchange

Predictive maintenance schemes

  • Prevent failures before they occur for key components 

Troubleshooting by Danfoss engineers

  • Confidence of support


The DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service uses an always-on data connection to your AC drives to collect information about key parameters and fault events. The service monitors this information in real time and, if it sees a fault alert generated by the AC drive, it automatically emails you, so you know straight away there is a condition that needs your attention.

As a user of the DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service, you also have unrestricted access to all the data that has been collected from your AC drives. This can be very useful for identifying adverse trends such as a slow increase in motor current over time, which may point to wear or lack of lubrication in the driven device.


It is true that some benefits depend on having a log of AC drive history, but DrivePro® Remote Monitoring has a lot to offer from the very first day you use it. The fault monitoring and alerting service is operational right away, and as soon as the service is set up, you will have full visibility of drive firmware, application versions, and drive settings. This means AC drive hardware replacement can be semi-automated, should it ever be necessary.

And, if you need to replace an AC drive completely, all you will need to do is to connect it and supply its IP address. The DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service will then restore the parameters and settings, saving you a lot of time and effort. This is especially useful if you have a critical process that’s offline until the new AC drive is up and running.


Danfoss has implemented robust and extensive security measures for the DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service. The gateway device used to access the AC drives is invisible to anyone other than authorized users and access is only possible with the correct user account and password information. Access rights are managed with user profiles, and all data is robustly encrypted. Regular security updates are automatically installed on the gateways and the Danfoss servers, and overall system security is regularly audited.


The fee depends on several factors including the number of AC drives you have on your site. Your local Danfoss Drives sales office will be pleased to provide you with a quotation. To keep budgeting simple, however, Danfoss charges a fixed annual fee for the service.

It is also worth knowing that the DrivePro® Remote Monitoring service can be combined with other services in the DrivePro® Lifecycle portfolio, such as DrivePro® Start-up and DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance to put together an affordable package that exactly matches your needs.


Case studies