DrivePro® Exchange

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Avoid costly production stop

Count on a fast delivery of your replacement AC drive and avoid the costs and downtime for repair. Ensure a seamless exchange and reduce the time that the operation does not run optimally or is in downtime.

With DrivePro® Exchange, you get a replacement of equal size, power, performance and software or better for the best performance match.

Rest assured that your drive is well-taken care of and performs optimally from installation, throughout the use, and after the end of its lifecycle.

How it works

Features and benefits

Utilize an alternative solution to drive repair when time matters

  • Obtain the fastest and most cost-efficient solution when an AC drive fails

24 hours exchange AC drive shipping after ordering

  • Fast delivery of exchange AC drive to your site
  • Prevent excessive downtime on the production line

Ensure the best dimensional match for fast installation

  • Avoid turnover losses due to lost process availability during replacement

Power, performance, and software of exchange AC drive is equal to or better than that of the failed AC drive

  • Ongoing reliability thanks to best performance match


With DrivePro® Exchange, we support all Danfoss AC drives with a new or active lifecycle status.

Read more about the lifecycle management model


With DrivePro® Exchange, we always replace the drive with the same type of product.

With DrivePro® Retrofit, we always replace the drive with its successor product or the best alternative product from our portfolio of AC drives in the new and active lifecycle stages.

Read more about the lifecycle management model



Case studies