CTR electric expansion valves, transcritical CO₂

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A break-through in configuration of heat reclaim solutions

CTR is designed to allow full proportional control of the surplus heat from compressor pack into the heat exchanger of transcritical heat reclaim solutions.

The 3-way electrical CTR valve marks a break-through in the configuration of the heat reclaim solution, replacing the ball valves that have so far been used to regulate the flow of surplus heat from compressor pack to heat exchanger. CTR prevents pressure peaks in the system eliminating costly system down-time and the risk of insufficient heat supply for store heating and hot water. At the same time, the proportional control guarantees availability of sufficient heat and hot water at any time.

CTR is guaranteed leak-tight due to its integrated design with valve and motor built into one compact unit. The cartridge design of the component means that all functional parts are easy to service and replace using only a spanner. The valve is available with weld connections or for solder/braze. 

The CTR can be used in refrigeration systems of any size from very small applications to large systems.

Features and benefits

Safe: Eliminates pressure peaks

Convenient: Ensures sufficient heat and hot water at any time in any climate

Fully Serviceable: Easy to dissemble

Simple, Compact and Leak-Tight: Integrated design with valve and motor built into one unit

Long Service Life



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