ACB cartridge pressure switches

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Long service life

The ACB and CCB cartridge pressure switches from Danfoss are small disc type pressure controls for use in air conditioning systems. With the switches you can expect robust and reliable operation and a long service life.

The small size, light weight and high degree of protection mean it can be mounted directly onto the air conditioning system where pressure regulation is required. The compact and simple design saves space and reduces installation costs.

The switches is available with different pressure settings and pressure connections to suit your particular requirements.

Features and benefits

Pressure range of -0.5 to 45 bar (-7,25 to 653 psi)

Type CCB is available for extreme high pressure.

Compact, lightweight design

All types of connections available

High durability

Water proof IP 66 version with wires

UL approval upon request

Danfoss Learning - Danfoss

eLesson for pressure switches and thermostats

Learn more about the on-off controls: Pressure switches and thermostats in this eLesson.

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    KP pressure switches are optimized for light and heavy commercial refrigeration - excellent protection against low suction pressure or high discharge pressure.

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    KP pressure switches are for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to give protection against excessively low suction pressure or excessively high discharge pressure. The switches are also used for starting and stopping refrigeration compressors and fans on air- cooled condensers.KP pressure switches are available in IP 30 and IP 44 enclosures.


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