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The Danfoss gas detecting sensor

The Danfoss gas detecting sensor, DGS, is designed to help you comply with the environmental F-gas regulation and health and safety requirements.

The DGS can be mounted on new or existing systems in supermarkets, process refrigeration plants, refrigerated storage/ warehousing, or in other special applications or areas/zones.

Features and benefits

Quick and immediate response in detecting a wide range of different gases applied in food retail refrigeration

Can be used as stand-alone or integrated in your system

Provides continuous, real-time automatic monitoring and alarms


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The truth is Cool(selector®2)

Coolselector®2 features unbiased calculations for the selection of refrigeration and air conditioning components based on the user’s requirements or based on standard operating conditions.



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    Gas detection for commercial refrigeration

    With the DGS gas sensor series, you can take gas detection to the next level in food retail applications such as supermarkets, process refrigeration plants, and refrigerated storage and warehousing.

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    Gas detection for industrial refrigeration

    The next generation of Danfoss gas detectors are based on a digital platform that delivers multiple communication and integration options for improved operational reliability, easy calibration and maintenance efficiency, cost effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.