HVAC, light and energy control

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Integrate the control of your supermarket functions

Danfoss offers a comprehensive programme of controllers, actuators and sensors to control a wide range of functions in the supermarket, e.g. heating, ventilation, air conditioning and light.

The control of the many different components can be integrated in the Danfoss system manager for easy monitoring and operation.

The components can be configured for multiple functions in food retail, for instance:

  • Basic I/O control of lighting, boilers, coffee machines with AK-XM
  • Control of floor heating with AK-LM 340 PI controller
  • Heat Recovery from CO2 Pack for tap-water and heating with AK-PC 781
  • Control of Air Handling Unit with customized MCX Controller

Features and benefits

State-of-the-art components for a large variety of applications in food retail

High quality for reliable operation and long service life

Opportunities for energy savings through efficient, integrated control

Full control and visibility of your store from one web-interface or App

All components from one supplier to secure end to end connectivity

Product range