Evaporator controller for industrial and heavy commercial refrigeration

Evaporator control EKE 400

Industrial refrigeration control easier than ever before

The new EKE 400 is specifically designed to control industrial refrigeration evaporators – in small as well as large systems. 
Following the Distributed Control System (DCS) architecture, advanced control algorithms, and wizard for quick set-up and commissioning EKE 400 significantly reduces controls installation time and costs and provides operational safety and efficiency.

The EKE 400 evaporator controller manages the complete operation in cooling and defrost mode for optimal operation and defrost sequence (Ammonia, CO2, and HFC/HCFC based systems). It’s applicable for defrosting both flooded evaporators and DX evaporators* and supports multiple defrost methods, including hot gas defrost (pressure control/liquid drain), electrical defrost, and water/brine defrost.

An Easy-to-use Wizard enables quick set-up of key parameters and efficient commissioning, and the predefined process sequence ensures reliable operation and defrost. The EKE 400 is especially designed to get the best performance from Danfoss valves, however, it also works with non-Danfoss valves.

EKE 400 includes MODBUS communication which allows integration to central PLC system. However, it can also be used without central PLC as standalone.

Features and benefits

Specifically, for industrial refrigeration

Application specific evaporator controller managing the complete operation in cooling and defrost mode for optimal operation and defrost sequence

One dedicated controller per evaporator

For small and large systems alike

Applicable for defrosting flooded evaporators and DX evaporators*

Supports multiple defrost methods: Hot gas defrost, electrical defrost, and water/brine defrost

Cost efficient installation and easy setup

Distributed Control Systems (DCS) reduce controls installation costs compared to central PLC systems.

Easy-to-use Wizard enables quick setup of key parameters, reduced need for PLC programming in the field.

Replication of setup to multiple EKE 400 units via Danfoss tools.

Especially designed to get the best performance from Danfoss valves.

Also works with non-Danfoss valves

MODBUS communication allows integration to central PLC system

CANbus communication for interconnection of multiple EKE 400 controllers and process alignment.

Can be used without central PLC as standalone

Operational safety and efficiency

Standardized solution with high flexibility

Predefined process sequence for reliable operation and defrost

Complies with IIAR recommendations for hot gas defrosting

Wizard supports correct valve selection for specific evaporator applications.

Reduced reliance on PLC programming expertise

Complete solution from Danfoss

One point of contact regardless of valve/actuator/sensor/controller support

EKE 400 Evapoator controller

EKE 400 Evaporator Controller

The Danfoss EKE 400 Evaporator Controller is specifically designed for industrial and heavy commercial refrigeration systems, significantly reducing installation time and costs.