Turbocor® Cloud Services

24/7 remote connectivity for your Turbocor® Compressors

Turbocor® Cloud Services is the latest connected solution from Danfoss designed specifically for Turbocor  Compressors.  The cloud-based platform collects compressor information and displays it on our intuitive dashboard to easily troubleshoot any connected compressor.  The cloud-based dashboard will also allow users to be the first to know of any problems, should they arise, through customizable notifications.  Users can create compressor health reports to better communicate the current status of the compressor to their customers.  Now you can access all your compressor information in one place, on Danfoss’ secure cloud.

Danfoss Turbocor® Cloud Services

Danfoss Turbocor® Cloud Services

By connecting the Danfoss Turbocor® Cloud service, technicians will find they can now be proactive rather than reactive.  They will see significant time reduced in troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repairing compressors using notifications, advanced trending, remote fault & event downloads, and over 150 compressor data points at their fingertips

What is Turbocor® Cloud Services?

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How we achieve your connectivity

Ethernet connection is available for Turbocor® Cloud Services by connecting an Ethernet cable to the digital monitoring box.

Ethernet Connection

Wireless LTE 4G connection is available for Turbocor® Cloud Services by connecting the wireless antenna to the digital monitoring box. The wireless antenna should be mounted in a location where it will be able to reliably reach cellular communication towers to receive the LTE 4G connection.

Wireless Antenna

Features and benefits

Access all your compressor information in one place on Danfoss’ secure cloud

Be advised of upcoming maintenance needs

Gain insight to potential problems before they arise

Set alerts for specific triggers to be notified by email

Reduce site visits to see running status or inspections

Understand potential issues and most likely resolutions before arrival

See compressor performance over time