Powerful performance in extreme conditions

With one of the best power/size ratios, VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled drives are ideal for applications where space is at a premium or air cooling is difficult. Heavy industries with harsh operating conditions, such as in marine, offshore and mining environments benefit from the drive’s compact design and robust reliability.

Liquid-cooled AC drives can be used in many combinations, from a single dedicated frequency converter to large-scale common DC bus systems. Packed with features, these fully standardized drives maximize the utilization of space while minimizing overall lifecycle costs.

As a high degree of protection (IP54 or higher) can easily be achieved with these drives, they can be installed almost anywhere in a plant or on a vessel. This eliminates the load on air-conditioning systems in electrical rooms reducing costs and installation time, and makes them ideal for retrofitting.

Servicing is fast and easy. Features such as safe torque off (STO) and safe stop 1 (SS1) improve safety, and conformal coated circuit boards enhance reliability.

Power range

  • 3 x 400-500 V...132-4100 kW
  • 3 x 525-690 V...110-5300 kW

Features and benefits

Floor space requirements and infrastructure needs are reduced as the compact design needs no air ducts

Investment savings as no large air-conditioning systems are needed due to minimal dissipation of heat loss to the air

Fulfills all relevant international standards and global requirements including marine, safety, EMC and harmonics approvals

Virtually silent operation as large cooling fans are not needed


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3D models and drawings

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Related applications

Compressors, wind turbines, extruders, pumps, fans, conveyors, crushers, thrusters, and propulsion, test-bench, crane, winch and power-conversion systems.

  • Drives for movements
    Drives for industrial crane and hoist movement

    To optimize crane performance, Danfoss offers flexible control strategies combined with energy efficiency, operating within stringent safety requirements.

  • Drives for industrial pumps

    By controlling industrial pumps with a Danfoss AC drive you can help optimize processes and significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs.

  • Drives for offshore drilling
    Drives for offshore drilling

    Variable frequency pump control enables you to optimize productivity despite changing well conditions over time, whilst also reducing costs.

  • Drives for marine propulsion and thrusters

    For more efficient operation and greater freedom in ship design, consider an electric-based main propulsion with engineering from Danfoss.

  • Drives for marine power conversion and generation
    Drives for marine power conversion and generation

    Draw upon expertise from Danfoss to optimize energy storage solutions on board vessels, and shore power supplies for quieter and cleaner harbors.

  • Drives for marine winches and cranes

    By running winches and cranes on an electric motor you can achieve energy savings, low noise operation and no risk of hydraulic oil overheating or leaks.

Case studies

  • Massive grabber crane in control at Tata Steel IJmuiden
    Massive grabber crane in control at Tata Steel IJmuiden

    Liquid-cooled VACON® active front-end drives control Tata Steel grabber crane, and the reliability of these AC drives is vital.

  • Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL)
    38% fuel savings and emission reductions for CMAL ferries

    CMAL ferries use 38% less fuel than conventional vessels and emissions are reduced by a similar amount.

  • Hybrid powertrain improves tugboat economy and maneuverability
    Hybrid powertrain improves tugboat economy and maneuverability

    The Telstar saves 20% on operating costs compared to traditional tugboats.

  • High efficiency in hybrid bulk carrier propulsion
    High efficiency in hybrid bulk carrier propulsion

    Venturing into hybrid propulsion was a bold step for the Vranken family’s dry cargo bulk carrier business, which serves the inland waterways of the Rhine. It has paid off fast, delivering rock-bottom operating costs, thanks to an innovative diesel-electric propulsion system.

  • VACON® drives provides quiet and clean river cruising
    VACON® drives provides quiet and clean river cruising

    In 2009, Viking River Cruises commissioned the MV Viking Legend, the world’s first river cruiser with an energy and drive system based on a highly efficient DC bus. Since then they have built up a fleet of more than 50 hybrid ships.

  • Hybrid retrofit delivers 15% fuel savings
    Hybrid retrofit delivers 15% fuel savings

    On board the MS Nadorias, the huge potential in converting to hybrid is no longer a vision but a reality. A hybrid retrofit has given this inland container carrier a huge 15% saving not only in fuel, but also in CO2 emission. Since the main diesel engine now runs much less, there is 60% less maintenance cost and higher uptime than for its identical sister ship.

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