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Get more out of your air handling units

New legislation being passed around the world, including more stringent efficiency standards on Roof Top Units in the US and Ventilation Units in Europe, will require variable speed controls on most air handling units. Additionally, some of the standards require visual warnings for changing of installed filters to ensure operating efficiency. Danfoss AC drives are uniquely suited to meet these needs and more.

Air filter monitoring for AHUs

Meeting the requirements for visual filter monitoring can be a costly addition, especially when requiring an external enclosure to house the pressure sensor. To make the addition of these pressure sensors easier and more cost effective, we’ve developed the VLT® Pressure Transmitter PTU 025 option. This option, featuring three pressure ranges up to 2500 Pa, can easily be attached directly to the VLT® HVAC Drive without the need for an additional external enclosure.

Pressure to flow conversion

You can cut down on air conditioning instrumentation by using Danfoss drives to provide a fixed flow or fixed differential flow, eliminating the need for an external flow sensor. As a result, you optimize your energy consumption and reduce system complexity whilst at the same time improving comfort levels.

Fire safety

In the event of a fire, the fire override mode safety feature prevents the drive from stopping to protect itself. Instead it will continue vital fan operation regardless of control signals, warnings or alarms. Fire override mode is critical for ensuring that people are able to more safely evacuate a building in case of a fire.

Minimized energy consumption for Friends Arena

200 Danfoss drives optimize energy control for the fans and pumps, and improve safety in Sweden’s biggest stadium.

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