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In Alsense® Food & Beverage, Danfoss has merged our consolidated expertise in all things cooling with our strong competencies within connectivity and big data management. Together with our in-depth market knowledge, this unique combination allows us to offer you a bigger picture and more sense in one integrated cloud platform.

Trust us to handle all your data across multiple sites and equipment, translating it into a full fleet overview, actionable insights, and the ability to remotely monitor and optimize the performance of every single one of your glass door merchandisers, coolers, freezers, and more. Just as we do with the 500,000+ assets already in the field.

Our best-in-class IoT platform, Alsense®, ensures full scalability, a high level of data security, and seamless integration with your system as well as third-party controls.

But most importantly, we’re with you all the way. Because Danfoss can deliver your complete cooling and IoT solution—including 360° consultancy and know-how. From energy efficient solutions and asset logistics to sales and marketing intelligence as well as technical service and support, we are your solid partner on your journey to digital. 

Alsense® Food & Beverage Benefits


Want to explore the benefits for your business?

Alsense® IoT Food and Beverage solutions put you in full control
of your entire fleet by delivering best-in-class asset profitability
and operational performance throughout. Check out our flyer
to learn more.

Alsense® Food & Beverage is the one IoT platform you need for best-in-class tracking, diagnostics, and profitability of all your assets in the field—as well as full compliance with sector legislation. Throughout our services, real-time data, intelligent features, and connected availability deliver your ideal foundation for making fact-based decisions at all times.


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