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Packaged unit for electronic cabinet cooling

Application description
Close control air conditioners are used in the cooling of electronics such as IT and electronic equipment used in data centres, in telecommunications and in manufacturing industries.

The slim-line units can be placed by or mounted on the walls of buildings such as shelters for GSM mobile phone network equipment, or inside industrial premises where sensitive electronic control panels require cooling.

Such cooling units need to operate reliably either continuously or intermittently, and provide cooling in both compressor and free cooling modes. The maintenance of a stable temperatures and humidity control are key design challenges in these applications, since they are used in environments where ambient temperatures often vary significantly during the day.

Why choose Danfoss variable speed compressors for close control?
By using the Danfoss inverter compressor solutions, significant energy savings can be achieved compared to traditional on-off compressors or mechanically-modulated technologies.

Furthermore, this variable speed compressor solution adjusts smoothly and quickly to cooling demands, providing precise temperature control. This reduces operating costs and increases the reliability and lifetime of the cooled system.

What other benefits are there for your customers when they choose Danfoss inverter compressors?

  • Seasonal efficiency means not only energy saving every day but also general improvement over the course of a year
  • Stable and precise temperature control offers greater comfort for staff and increased reliability of the equipment cooled
  • Adaptability to varying cooling load, especially when free-cooling is used, will add extra energy savings
  • Reduced start-up current can reduce your electricity charges
  • Better control of static electricity due to more precise humidity control is an additional benefit for sensitive applications 

The most important benefits for customers

  • More than 30% of energy saving compared to a unit equipped with on-off technology 

Additional benefits

  • Innovation and development of new technologies made possible
  • Increased market share achievable through more innovative products 
  • Greater ability to expand and grow.


  • if (isSmallPicture) { Danfoss VSH inverter scroll compressor; } else if (isBigColumns) { Danfoss VSH inverter scroll compressor } else { Danfoss VSH inverter scroll compressor }
    Inverter scrolls - VSH

    Danfoss inverter scroll compressor solutions for commercial air conditioning and process-cooling applications. R410A, single units. VSH: first-generation commercial inverter scroll compressors with frequency converter CDS302. VZH: second-generation commercial inverter scroll compressors with frequency converter CDS303. VRJ: first high-tier residential inverter scroll compressors with frequency converter CDS801.

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