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High productivity

Farmers need agricultural machines that deliver reliable, high productivity for every season. Whether preparing and fertilizing the soil or harvesting and transporting crops, the goal is always high-yield production of clean, undamaged crops. Hydraulic solutions from Danfoss ensure world-class machine performance at each critical time of the year – and a comfortable, stress-free working environment for operators.


Get field work done efficiently, precisely and reliably

Windows of opportunity are short in the farming business. So farmers depend on resilient machines to get field work done efficiently, precisely and reliably, with all the safety and comfort that operators expect when driving on and off-highway.

At Danfoss, we don’t look at machine functions in isolation. We work with you to identify the best solution for your entire vehicle – not to mention the lowest total cost of ownership for the farmers and contractors that buy them.

Designing machine work functions to a particular task is made easy by the modular valves in our broad PVG range. And for a safe, smooth drive with precision control, Danfoss GPS steering and H1 transmission systems will keep you on track. Our fan drives provide the intelligent, energy-efficient cooling you need for maximum machine uptime.

Smart PLUS+1® controls supported by sensors tie the whole machine system seamlessly together, automating and synchronizing key functions for farmers with no time for second-best solutions.

Related products

Related applications

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    Auto levelling cutting board

    A Danfoss pressure transmitter mounted on the cutting board levelling cylinders can help prevent hydraulic equipment from picking up soil and stones with the board and damaging the screener.

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    Bale wrapping

    It is important to apply the right pressure when compressing and wrapping a hay bale to ensure the forage remains fresh. This can be obtained by using a Danfoss pressure transmitter that offers high burst and over pressure capabilities thanks to its fully welded design.

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