Drives for marine pumps and separators

Reduce power consumption in marine pumping

VLT® and VACON® drives control your pumps to match actual process need, leading to reduced energy consumption. Reducing the speed by 20% reduces the power consumption by 50%.

As well as saving energy, these AC drives also protect the pump in many different marine applications. You maintain reliable operation thanks to pump-dedicated features include built-in PID controllers, dry pump detection, flying start, sleep mode, cascade control, end of curve, and flow compensation. 

Due to increasingly stringent exhaust emission limits, scrubbers are frequently installed. They act as SOx abatement devices on the main and auxiliary engines and boilers, using water as a medium for Sulfur absorption. Optimization of water pumps for these scrubbers is the ideal task for VLT® and VACON® drives.

Other typical application areas where drives add value to pumping operations: ballast water, bilge water, circulation, cargo, firefighting, feeding pumps, lubrication, and sea water pumping.

Improve reliability and protection of marine separators

VLT® and VACON® control enables reliable operation of bilge water, fuel conditioning and oil centrifuge separators. The AC drive ensures smooth acceleration that protects both the gearbox and high-speed bowl bearings.

Control by the AC drive provides tolerance against discharge shock loads. In the event of power failure the drive can catch the spinning separator on the fly, and brake it without needing resistors.

Danfoss Drives’ solutions for the marine and offshore industry have the highest number of class type approvals from nine authorities: DNV-GL, ABS, Bureau Veritas, Korean Register, CCS, RINA, Lloyds Register, RMRS and Class NK.

This gives you the best possible choice when selecting drives for your marine application.

NORDEN A/S oil tanker saves energy on seawater pumps

By using VLT® drives to adapt the flow rate from seawater cooling pumps to the actual cooling demand, the company has significantly reduced its energy consumption.