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Highly efficient propulsion systems

Fuel costs account for as much as 45-50% of the operating costs of modern ships. Converting the power produced by the engine into a controlled thrust in the most efficient way is one of the ways to cut down the energy consumption to a minimum. In order to do this, the operation of the propulsion system must be optimized. Sufficient lubrication is the key to high propulsion efficiency and this can only be achieved with accurate control of pressure and temperature under all operating conditions.


Explore new horizons with Danfoss marine solutions

Exceed requirements and customer expectations with Danfoss marine products

Danfoss offers a full program of customized pressure and temperature sensors, switches and transmitters for gear, thrust-er, propeller and hydraulic power pack. All products are approved for marine applications.

Features and benefits

High energy efficiency and low operational costs

Reliable and predictable control of propulsion systems

Modular and customized controls for pressure and temperature measurements

Full range of marine-approved sensors, transmitters, switches and valves

Expert knowledge on marine propulsion solutions

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