What is in it for you?

Save energy by replacing older products with new and more efficient solutions.

Achieve healthier climate while saving CO2 emissions.

Better indoor climate with correct and precise temperature control.

Modern design at your home with new products like radiator thermostats or digital controls.

Increased value of your home by investing in energy efficiency. 

Possibilities for renovation

Radiator thermostats

Replace your old thermostats with new electronic versions. You save energy and money at the same time. And they look good! The payback time on the investment is low as you can achieve between 8 to 46% energy savings depending on your current installation.

 Danfoss thermostats come in different variations and are adapted for different needs. All are designed to increase your comfort while simultaneously are saving you energy costs.

Heat pumps

Install a Danfoss heat pump and achieve energy savings many years ahead. There are different versions of heat pumps and they vary in respect of investment needed. 

20+ years of comfort and cost cuts 
Our heat pumps have a life expectancy of more than 20 years. The pumps are easy to install and maintain.

Going green – the natural way
Danfoss heat pumps collect CO2 emissions-free solar energy and convert it into a sustainable indoor climate. By choosing a heat pump you join a cause for creating a better climate.

Electrical floor heating

Danfoss electric floor heating systems are great for renovation and remodeling: imagine being able to install a warm floor without going through the expense, cleanup and fuss of having to break up the old floor. Imagine being able to enjoy a complete heating system which takes up less than 10 to 15 mm floor height excluding the new floor covering. With our products this is the reality!

Electric floor heating is easy to install and provides immediate comfort. You can confidently install it under all types of flooring.

Our electric floor heating systems are developed in the world’s largest competence center for floor heating. With our energy-saving heating system you get cosy comfort and quality of life in your home.

Benefits of electrical floor heating:

Easy installation 
Heating mats are a solution which can easily be mounted whether it is on new or old sub-floors. The installation time will be the same, regardless of the type of flooring under which the system is installed. You can easily install electrical floor heating in newly-build houses as well as existing ones during renovation. 

For any room in your home
Electric floor heating can be used in all types of rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens and hallways.
Nowadays, thanks to our modern Danfoss thermostats, floor heating is used as a reliable and energy efficient solution of choice for all types of buildings, including low-energy houses. 

For any type of flooring 
Floor heating can be installed under various types of flooring: wood, tiles, laminate and linoleum.
Danfoss electrical heating solutions do not take up any space, which gives an opportunity to design a space in each room as you please.

You don't have to rip up the whole floor
The Danfoss heating cables have a very long life time and come with a 20 year warranty. But in case of any misfortune there is no need to rip up the whole floor. The problem can be pinpointed to a few centimeters of accuracy, so that e.g. only one or two tiles have to be removed to make a repair possible. Nevertheless what needs to be done, in a case of rare fault the Danfoss warranty of 20 years covers full floor repair.

Less dust in the air 
Warm radiators move a lot of heated air upwards from the grilles – and the dust travels with it. Due to the large heating surface of floor heating, less dust is kicked up.