Updated, sustainable cloud platform from Danfoss will increase store efficiency

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Danfoss debuts Alsense™ IoT Food Retail Services, powered by Microsoft Azure.

Danfoss has updated and enhanced its service offering to create a more sustainable, scalable, and secure cloud-based portal for managing food retail operations. Previously known as Danfoss Enterprise Services (DES), Alsense™ is optimized to provide new levels of efficiency. Food retailers can reduce their net energy consumption by up to 30% with Alsense, saving money, and reducing food waste.

"We’re excited to offer a modern interface and powerful cloud capabilities to our food retail service customers," said Stephane Nassau, Senior Vice President, Global Sales at Danfoss Cooling. "The added benefits can make it significantly easier to track asset performance, respond to alarms, and reduce energy consumption — lowering overall operational costs and extending asset lifetime. This is an ideal cloud solution for those looking to keep day-to-day operations efficient and cost-effective."

Increased efficiency and streamlined performance

All services are integrated into one hub, offering a seamless user experience and added functionalities. Some of these functionalities include:

  • Actionable insights — Rather than cluttered dashboards, Alsense delivers relevant, easy-to-digest insights. This allows customers to take corrective actions faster, significantly reducing food and energy waste.
  • Increased security and availability — Alsense allows for easy expansion to different regions, with higher serviceability and a new VPN structure for added security.
  • Improved performance and stability — The new service platform on Microsoft Azure provides smoother service operation, faster reaction to alarms, reduced nuisance alarms and higher asset uptime.
  • Dynamic feature roadmap — Features will be updated and introduced every two weeks. This provides customers with continued enhancements based on real-time feedback.
  • Responsive portal — Whether on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop, users will experience a seamless, responsive portal. This increases ease of use and accessibility to necessary information at a desk or on the go.
    Trusted partnership

With the updated Alsense platform, customers can depend on the combined expertise of two notable enterprises. Danfoss brings more than 80 years of engineering and mechanical experience to its cloud-based services enabled by the new platform powered by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has the trusted security, scalability, and sustainability that customers have come to expect in their digital tools.

Danfoss and Microsoft announced the partnership in October 2019. The new Alsense platform is the first of many solutions to come from this IoT collaboration. "With Alsense Danfoss has proven the ability to understand and tackle device diversity and connectivity challenges of the food retail industry and deliver tangible benefits with an IoT platform that reduces operational costs and energy savings. This is how we empower enterprises to deliver sustainability through the smart use of technology," said Nina Lund, EMEA Retail & Consumer Goods Lead at Microsoft.

Existing DES customers will experience the added value of Alsense via automatic updates on the current platform. New customers can explore the solutions that best fit their needs by contacting a sales representative.

Further information:

Thomas Kolster

Head of Service Innovation

Tel.: +45 61 14 14 72


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