Just add know-how: Danfoss training addresses climate change

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The technology solutions of tomorrow require knowledge and understanding today. Danfoss offers extensive, user-centric content that builds know-how for our customers and partners on multiple platforms. through training, education, and knowledge-sharing. All over the world, authorities are taking steps to counteract climate change by imposing regulations that affect many industries, including refrigeration and air conditioning. New technologies developed by Danfoss provide solutions that can mitigate the effects of climate change and help our customers comply with regulations, but they also create the need for a higher level of knowledge. Therefore, we've stepped up our training and education offerings to help our customers and partners as we engineer tomorrow together.

"When we talk to wholesalers, OEMs, and key accounts, training is one of their most important requests," said Orysya Birkkjær, Training Manager at Danfoss. "Our customers are interested in knowing how cooling solutions work. Of course, they need fast delivery times and high quality, but they also need to know how it works, what solutions we have, and if we have any tips and tricks. The whole thing is very customer driven."

Here are just a few examples of the free training and knowledge resources that Danfoss has invested in developing over the past few years:

  • Danfoss Learning - An extensive eLesson portal that covers a wide range of topics that include product overviews, troubleshooting guides, and certification courses
  • Mobile CO₂ Training Units - Danfoss brings hands-on training opportunities to our customer's front door with a fully functioning CO₂ system — built right into a shipping container
  • Software and mobile apps - Our digital tool collection provides essential information and the tools needed to put that knowledge into action
  • Refrigerant Week and the Refrigerant Transition Center - Refrigerants are a crucial element of a sustainable future. Danfoss has assembled a robust selection of tools, guides, and webinars to equip and inform our customers about the 4th refrigerant transition

Our library of knowledge continues to grow and you can count on Danfoss to continue to support our customers and partners as we engineer tomorrow together.

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