Danfoss introduces DST P3xx, a digital-ready series of pressure transmitters for harsh water, air, marine, and cooling applications.

Monday, 22 March 2021

State-of-the-art reliability meets future-proof innovation in the DST P3xx series of robust new pressure transmitters, designed for scalable performance.

The new DST P3xx series is a range of robust pressure transmitters optimized for the future with scalable digital technology, engineered on decades of experience in intense water, air, marine, and cooling environments. Available with a variety of electrical and pressure connections for seamless integration, it’s a highly flexible platform offered in lower quantities with the potential for increased customization.

Featuring the innovative Danfoss ASIC high-precision digital signal processor, the DST P3xx series is an intelligent solution with game-changing diagnostics and programmability. This enables a one-size-fits-all mindset for scaling across applications with ease.

On top of that, diagnostic features ensure performance and reliability while significantly reducing machine downtime. The sensor self-monitors for internal fault conditions making troubleshooting targeted and precise—saving time and cost.

“Digitalization is revolutionizing our industries: across water, air, marine, and cooling applications, we are developing smart solutions that will help our partners optimize and scale their business while improving efficiencies to meet safety and sustainability targets. In cases such as the water industry, we’re working with one of the world’s most precious resources. The DST P3xx pressure transmitter plays a critical role in monitoring pressure to both optimize performance and prevent costly downtime and damage. Plus, the technology at the heart of the P3xx series opens the doors for total customization and scalability,” said Product Manager Iro Dragoumi.

Expertly engineered to withstand intense industrial applications, high-performance pressure measurement is delivered thanks to a fully welded, shock- and vibration-resistant design with high electromagnetic compatibility. And an overall component lifetime is guaranteed with zero-drift performance, ensuring the safety and long-term stability of the machine.

Combined with around-the-clock remote support, the new DST P3xx series delivers state-of-the-art pressure management for the toughest industrial applications, now prepared for the digital future.

Series overview

  • P300: for water and air applications
  • P310: for cooling applications
  • P30M/P35M: for marine applications

Overall features and benefits of the DST P3xx series include:

  • Digital Innovation: Smart sensor electronics lay the groundwork for connectivity and future customized equipment development.
  • Future-Proof Features: Prepare for future digital communication with Danfoss’ ASIC high-precision digital signal processor. Get access to programmable features that adjust to an application’s specific needs.
  • Diagnostics: Automatic failure detection enables fast troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, significantly reducing machine downtime.
  • Customization: Highly flexible platform available in lower quantities and with increased customization capability.
  • Quality + Confidence: Designed to confidently fit-and-forget, with a fully welded design and zero-drift construction ensuring safety and long-term stability.
  • High Performance: Robust, shock- and vibration-resistant solution with high-electromagnetic compatibility for harsh water, air, and marine applications. Longer component lifespan and reduced warranty cost.
  • Partnership + Application Expertise: Decades of frontline market experience combined with industry-leading innovations means we are committed to supporting your journey now and into the future.

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