Danfoss Climate Solutions Live in partnership with elemental: The Path to Net Zero | Thursday 17th June - Renovations in multi-family homes

Date: 17 June, 2021
Location: GoToWebinar

The Challenges of Net Zero for the heating sector

As heating in buildings is responsible for around 30% of the EU’s final energy consumption, achieving the target of #NetZero by 2050 will require a step change in how we heat and cool our homes and buildings.

We invite you to watch our webinar where we look at the current challenges of achieving Net Zero in the heating sector as well as some of the potential solutions to help us achieve the ambitious target of Net Zero by 2050.

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Learn how Leanheat can help reduce energy related costs and CO2 emissions

We covered how digitalisation can help you keep your buildings in shape while cutting energy related costs and CO2 emissions.

Now you are wondering how this is possible?

Just imagine for a second that a buildings' central heating system is optimised, controlled and adjusted to charge and discharge heat accordingly to the tenants' natural rhythm of life. By using artificial intelligence we can create a digital building capable of adjusting to not only individual living patterns but also ventilation and the weather outside.

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Closing Panel - What are the next steps on the Path to Net Zero and how do we get there?

In the closing discussion of Danfoss Live, we reviewed the learnings from the past 3 days and looked at the next steps we need to take to ensure we meet the ambitious carbon reduction goals set by the UK.

Our panel reviewed what they’ve learnt and what they would like to see be actioned to ensure we are on the right path to achieve Net Zero.

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Energy Monitoring

Here we provide an overview of standards and regulations related to the energy monitoring and take a look at how the next generation of Energy Meters from Danfoss can not only support reduction in energy use but also support longer term cost savings.​ Join Greg Tracy where he discussed different technologies available that can be used to monitor, proportion and bill energy used.

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Can we retrofit our way out of a climate emergency in housing?

When it comes to impacts from domestic properties, the fact there are around 27 million homes in the UK alone, indicates the scale of the challenge for improving energy efficiency and cutting carbon. However, when you factor into the equation the reality that typically less than 1% of that total number is actually made up of new builds every year, the picture becomes crystal clear: Retrofit of existing stock is everything. So, the question is where best to start?

Looking through the lens of local authority and housing association climate plans, this debate discussed the opportunities and challenges involved in renovation and retrofit of their existing stock, in particular multi-family housing. What are the barriers to uptake and roll-out of low-to zero-carbon technologies? Is it mostly a matter of cost, innovation, scale, skills, or policy? Is there still a call for awareness building, or our we now in the implementation phase? What needs to change and who can make that happen?

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Modern heating technology gives property owners and managers numerous ways to improve energy efficiency in their buildings. Whether planning a new build, renovation or refurbishment. Danfoss aims to bring the full benefits of efficient heating systems to everyone involved in apartment block living. This means achieving a better return on investment, lower overall costs, greater comfort and safety, and reduced environmental impact.


Increase the attractiveness of your multi-family building. Considering residents’ comfort and safety, reduction of environmental impact as well as final operational costs, electric heating is the ideal solution for multifamily houses. Multiple application design options are available for all sorts of projects, from renovations to new builds.
User needs, functional requirements, budget and investment returns must all be taken into consideration when selecting the right solution.

What does this mean for you?

For residents:

  • Affordable rent and utilities with no surprises
  • Hygienic domestic hot water whenever I need it
  • Individual temperature zones - anytime, everywhere
  • Modern building services - that I don't have to worry about
  • No noises from the heating system and all the radiators give off heat
  • Modern heating technology that gives the environment a break
  • Indoor comfort and outdoor safety ensured​ by electric heating solutions

For owners:

  • Stable costs during planning and implementation of renovation and new-build projects
  • Lowest possible investment with rapid payback
  • Retains its value over the longterm: easy to rent, easy to sell
  • No need for legionella testing
  • Satisfied tenants: no complaints due to noise or under-supply to individual radiators
  • Reliable heating technology - easy to operate and easy to bill
  • No repair costs after winter season ​due to electric heating solutions