At Danfoss, we take your personal and professional development very seriously. We make an ongoing effort to build and develop your qualifications through on-the-job training, courses, workshops, feedback, coaching and other activities.

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Giving you the space to grow

 Training courses are available for all employees at all sites and for every career path. To ensure you are heading in the right direction, we work on an individual development plan together with you and hold regular employee performance dialogues. These also enable us to discuss your options for further education in detail and your long-term career goals.

Danfoss runs the “The Man on the Moon Competition" annually. It is a global competition for all Danfoss employees, providing a great opportunity to improve business skills and to help Danfoss go beyond the ordinary. It starts online where everyone can submit, comment and join teams around ideas. Thereafter 12 teams are chosen and compete with each other to win. Our Divisions look at all 12 ideas and continue supporting those they like best.

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