Digitalization in practice

There are many sites where the Danfoss digital experience is already in practice. Making use of IIoT and Industry 4.0 technologies, Danfoss is helping customers to optimize system performance, improve energy efficiency and extend the lifetime of their drives. Here are two such cases.

Case: Wastewater treatment plant

Optimized energy efficiency through perfect control of the whole process and by connecting all components

By using sensors, advanced computer control, intelligent automation and hundreds of drives, this wastewater treatment plant has been able to optimize its processes so highly that energy consumption in the whole water cycle has dropped by 40–50%. Energy production at the wastewater facility has even increased so that it can cover the energy need for the whole catchment area of about 200,000 people in Aarhus, Denmark.

Case: Dairy plant

Prevention of downtime, faster recovery from failures and optimized system performance

Installed drives interact closely with their surrounding systems and processes. They are embedded with the electronics and software, and connected to the sensors and actuators that allow them to collect and share data. The data is visible to maintenance personnel and simultaneously to Danfoss service teams, or to 3rd-party service providers for remote monitoring purposes.

In a fraction of a second, it’s possible to see, for example, if there’s something wrong in the plant. Service requests can be channeled to maintenance personnel to ensure the dairy minimizes downtime and maximizes its performance.

Experience extended drive lifetime and optimized lifecycle performance.

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