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The essential, all-in-one mobile app for air conditioning and refrigeration technicians

Get the guidance, support, information, and tools you need—on the job and in field. Ref Tools is a free, powerful app that contains essential tools every air conditioning and refrigeration technician needs in their digital toolbelt.

Previously known as Refrigerant Slider, Ref Tools represents the next digital evolution in the cooling industry. HVACR tools are becoming smarter, better, and easier to use, and Ref Tools puts them in the palm of your hand.

Click here to access the browser version or click here to download the latest version of Ref Tools for Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Check out the latest update: 

  • Our TXV Superheat Tuner app is now officially a part of Ref Tools.  Fine-tune superheat in as little as 15 minutes and help your customers save money.  

Ref Tools includes 8 of our most popular and useful air conditioning and refrigeration tools:

In addition to giving you quick access to helpful tools, Ref Tools lets you track your most visited service sites and save unique settings for each one. You’ll save time and simplify each service call.
The workday can be full and the road long, so Ref Tools also provides you with some educational entertainment. You can tune in to the popular Chilling with Jens podcast directly in the app. Take a break and chill out a bit while learning something new about refrigeration.

A little more about Refrigerant Slider

A little more about Refrigerant Slider

Refrigerant Slider, now a part of Ref Tools, helps you quickly calculate the pressure-to-temperature ratio for more than 80 refrigerants, including natural refrigerants such as ammonia and transcritical CO2. Refrigerant Slider also provides you with information about each refrigerant, including Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP). You can switch between the IPCC AR4 and AR5 values, where AR4 values are used in relation to the European F-Gas regulations.  
Refrigerant Slider’s P/T calculations use extended curve–fitting models based on Refprop 10 results. You can also see both dew and bubble point for refrigerants with glide. 


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