District heating compact stations in Mikado House, Orestaden, Denmark

Monday, 27 November 2017

A complete solution makes the difference

Mikado House, Ørestaden, Denmark

Consulting engineer company MidtConsult A/S in Herning works on many of the country’s prestige building projects. For more than 20 years the company has chosen Gemina Termix A/S - Member of the Danfoss Group - as the preferred supplier of district heating substations for both small as well as large building projects in all corners of Denmark.

Recently the two companies have collaborated on the installation of district heating compact stations in the Mikado House - a large commercial building, which is being built in Ørestaden.

Compact station for a 20,000 m² office building

Danfoss was to deliver a compact station for heating and domestic hot water production for a five-story office building with a large atrium, parking basement and a smaller shopping area. The compact station supplies more than 20,000 m² of building space.

Unique knowledge about the district heating plant’s demands

According to project manager Leif Nyholm at MidtConsult A/S Danfoss was chosen - like on many previous occasions - because the company is known for delivering a complete solution. ”We regard involving Danfoss in our projects as very uncomplicated because they have a fantastic knowledge of the Danish district heating plants. In connection with the specification of the Mikado House, we only needed to state the location of the building and the required loads. Based on this Danfoss was soon able to dimension a solution based on the particular demands from the local district heating plant. It is invaluable help for us because we save a lot of time which we would otherwise have spent on time consuming research,” Leif Nyholm explains regarding choice of supplier.

Standard with bespoke options

Leif Nyholm continues: ”Even when it is a standard system, they can make a bespoke solution fit exactly in the needed scope, which is necessary in order to meet the specifications of the building and the local demands”.

Installation time reduced by at least 14 days

Leif Nyholm emphasizes the complete design as one of the essential advantages: ”The fact that Danfoss can design and build their compact stations long before the building has even been erected, makes a big difference. I estimate that we have saved at least 14 days by choosing a compact solution rather than an unassembled system mounted on site”. In the Mikado House case, the compact station was ready for installation when the building was erected. Actually, the station was already put into use in curing the concrete. For more than 20 years MidtConsult A/S has drawn on the competence at Danfoss owned Gemina Termix. Leif Nyholm characterizes the cooperation as smooth and points the flexibility of Danfoss out as a key factor for the success of the cooperation. The flexibility concerning both the company as such but also the adaptability of the products.

Fact box

Architect: Arkitema A/S
Location: Ørestaden, Denmark
Size: 20,000 m²
Purpose: Commercial
Ready for occupation: 2010