Danfoss offers an extensive range of radiator valves. Robustly built and designed to meet the rigors of the commercial and industrial sectors, a comprehensive range of radiator valves is available for practically all systems and installation conditions. The radiator valves with pre-setting ensure optimum distribution of water and the result is increased comfort and reduced energy consumption.

Features and benefits

All RA-N valve bodies can be used together with all types of thermostatic elements in the RA 2000 series and with TWA-A thermal actuators.

RA-N valves are used in two-pipe heating systems and come in series D, series F and series S to fit local standards.

Danfoss Dynamic valve™

Danfoss Dynamic Valve™: a simple solution to a daily challenge

Product range

  • Danfoss Dynamic valve™

    Danfoss Dynamic valve™, the innovative 2-in-1 pressure independent radiator valve that ensures both optimal temperature control as well as creating automatic hydronic balance in two-pipe heating systems – all in a single valve.


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