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The VACON® NXP System Drive is a comprehensive configured common DC bus drive line up for heavy-industry needs where round-the-clock activity is required leaving little time for maintenance.

All sections are grouped depending on their functionality, making it possible to plan each installation phase according to your requirements. The engineered sections slot in alongside each other allowing you to arrange integrated transport splits to save space. Alternatively, you can add extra transport sections to speed up installation. All larger modules have slide-out mechanics for easier set-up and maintenance.

The VACON NXP System Drive is built to last. Items such as busbar systems and high/low power devices are separated into individual compartments away from each other. This means that, if an issue occurs, it is compartmentalized and doesn’t cause widespread failure helping to reduce lifetime and maintenance costs.

Supply voltages and power range

Current ratings (main busbars)

  • 3 x 380-500 V...630-5000 A
  • 3 x 525-690 V...630-5000 A

Features and benefits

Maintenance savings and optimized cash flow as modules can be delivered closer to the start of operation due to the short set-up time

Cost savings as a result of the standardized solution

Quick set-up and maintenance thanks to the modular design and pull-out features

Minimized downtime as spare parts are always stocked and readily available


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