District energy - Let's unlock the grid

Date: 5 September - 20 October, 2023
Location: Online

Building engineers are facing a dual crisis across climate and energy. To assist professionals like you, Danfoss is hosting a district energy live stream.

The rapid progress of district energy comes with a host of flexible solutions, like small and large grids, and options to extend and enhance existing networks. But this rapid pace and global ambition leaves many experts with questions. Can existing supply chains handle increased pressure?  Is there a way to develop networks effectively while delivering safety and comfort for the end user? Moreover, how can we maximize the use of renewable resources to deliver reliable and safe heating?

If you are wondering what district energy means for your network operation or planned renovation, then join our live stream.

Our experts will share their views and answer audience questions live. Be sure to bring your questions and sign up today!

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    Differential pressure, flow and temperature controllers

    Balance your network, save energy and improve end-user comfort by hydronic balancing and control of district energy networks. Optimal hydronic balance and perfect temperature control are the key to maximizing the efficiency of heating or cooling networks.

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    Titan™ by Danfoss

    There’s nothing like perspective. Looking at something differently allows you to see new things. It adds dimension. To the digital dynamics of your network. The pulse of the grid. Danfoss Titan™ combines best-in-class substations with innovative digital twin technology to add a new and data-driven dimension to district energy.

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    MyDrive® Suite

    Find every digital tool you need for VLT® and VACON® drives and converters, in MyDrive® Suite.

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    Substations are house heating systems or units in apartments that handle heat transfer from district heating pipes into your home to get hot water and heat on demand.

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    Brazed plate heat exchangers

    The performance of the Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) has been proven through 30 years of constant development, ensuring unparalleled efficiency for all applications.

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    SONDEX® Standard plate heat exchangers

    Our SONDEX® standard plate heat exchangers are the ideal choice for a wide range of applications across numerous market segments. Innovative technologies and smart design make our standard plate heat exchangers a stellar investment and the go-to choice for standard duties. With higher heat transfer efficiency and optimisation, these heat exchangers offer the most efficient thermal performance.

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