Advanced Industrial Refrigeration Training in Denmark

Date: 4 - 8 December, 2023
Location: Technical College of Jutland, Hadsten, Denmark

Join us for this on-site 5-day training program dedicated to Advanced Industrial Refrigeration, brought to you by Danfoss in collaboration with The Technical College of Jutland in Denmark. This intensive training experience combines theoretical learning with practical application to equip participants with a well-rounded knowledge of industrial refrigeration systems.

What you get: 

  1. In-depth insights into refrigeration plant theory and practical experience at the on-site ammonia plant.
  2. A foundational understanding of Danfoss's industrial refrigeration
  3. Ten working stations will ensure practical experience and valuable hands-on experience with key refrigeration components.
  4. Proficiency in configuring and starting up selected controllers and GD sensors and more.
  5. Signed certificate of completion with the program description.
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Who is this relevant for?
Professionals, working in Sales and Technical Support; those who would like to learn
more about ammonia industrial refrigeration systems or to get a refresher course,
including hands-on experience of Danfoss products.

Do I need to do anything beforehand?
Yes, you will be required to watch a number of service videos, review the station
documents and complete selected Danfoss eLessons before coming to the training.

How much does it cost?
DKK 12,000 (EUR 1,600) including accommodation and all meals.
DKK 6,850 (EUR 913) excluding accommodation but inclusive of lunch.

Will the course be held in English?
Yes, the course is in English.

When and where?
December 4 - 8, 2023 at The Technical College of Jutland in Hadsten, Denmark.

We hope to see you there!