Annual General Meeting 2018

Data: 20 abril, 2018
Localização: Nord-Als Idrætscenter, Stadionvej 1, 6430 Nordborg, Denmark

Notice convening the Danfoss A/S Annual General Meeting

The Danfoss A/S Annual General Meeting takes place on Friday, April 20, 2018, at 16:00 hours in the Nord-Als Idrætscenter, Stadionvej 1, 6430 Nordborg, Denmark.

Doors open at 15:30 hours, and the AGM will finish as soon as the last item on the agenda is concluded. There will be no light meal to follow this year's AGM.

Agenda according to the Articles of Association:

  • The Board’s report on the company’s business during the past year
  • Presentation and approval of the company’s Annual Report
  • Decision on use of profit or compensation for losses
  • Election of the Board
  • Election of auditor
  • Submitted proposals from the Board or shareholders

The Danfoss Annual Report, the Auditors’ Report and the agenda including the complete proposals will be available under ownership section at from April 6, 2018.

Access to the Annual General Meeting is conditional upon the shareholders having re-quested an admission card no later than April 17, 2018 at 12:00 hours. The admission card can be obtained by forwarding a request to Danfoss A/S:

via ownership section 
or to Danfoss A/S, A 839, Nordborgvej 81, 6430 Nordborg
or via email:     

If the shares are not registered in the name of the holder, the shareholder is also asked to forward documentation showing his/her right to the shares. Admission cards are sent from Danfoss on the first working day following the Friday before the Annual General Meeting; and, then, on an ongoing basis until the deadline for admission card requests.

If you have requested an admission card, but are prevented from participating, you are asked to deregister.

The right to vote at the Annual General Meeting presupposes that the shareholder has obtained an admission card and, also, has registered the shares in the name of the holder or has notified and documented his/her right at the time of the notice of the Annual General Meeting.

On behalf of the Board of Directors
Jørgen M. Clausen