Danfoss at Chillventa 2022: Transforming green ideas into green solutions

Ceturtdiena, 2022. gada 8. septembris

At Chillventa 2022, happening from October 11–13 in Nuremberg, Germany, Danfoss will showcase a broad range of energy-efficient solutions to empower the green transformation in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump applications. The exhibition theme, ‘Talk Green. Walk Green.’ underscores a shared journey toward decarbonization. Visitors will experience a presentation of Danfoss’s market-leading products, end-to-end solutions, and inspiring ideas to pave a pathway toward a greener future. On display will be cutting-edge applications across four key sectors: Food Retail, Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration, and Heat Pumps.

Opportunities such as natural refrigerants, cloud technology, and sector integration all play a role in the evolution of Danfoss’ leading portfolio and know-how. Experts will be on-hand at the event, eager to unpack exciting new products, take one-on-one talks, and ensure that Chillventa visitors walk away not just with ideas about a greener future—but the available solutions to make it happen today.

Danfoss can be found in Hall 7, Booth 7-251. 

Plus, Danfoss is thrilled to present a virtual exhibition where guests from around the world can join livestream sessions, connect with experts, and much more.

Future-ready food retail solutions 

Boosting energy efficiency, ensuring food safety, and optimizing costs are the building blocks of Danfoss’s Food Retail solutions. At Chillventa, Danfoss Food Retail experts will showcase how the latest generation of CO2 systems—including the Combi Ejector, CO2 adaptive liquid management (CALM), and heat recovery solution—can help supermarkets reduce heating costs by up to 90% and cut their carbon footprint in half. And with the introduction of several new valves, Danfoss cements its position as having the industry’s broadest portfolio of components and solutions for food retail applications.  
Another key focus at the exhibition is on Danfoss’s IoT cloud-based monitoring and management solution, Alsense™. The sustainable, scalable, and secure service optimizes the performance of food retail operations, from maximizing asset performance to boosting energy efficiency. Danfoss food retail experts will share the latest updates to the solution, including global command management and controller health check.

Cool, connected cold rooms in Commercial Refrigeration 

Forward-looking engineering has empowered Danfoss to offer the broadest range of CO2, A2L, and ultra-low GWP-compliant products and solutions for cold rooms. At Chillventa, Danfoss Commercial Refrigeration experts are thrilled to unveil TE2, the very first thermostatic expansion valve for CO2 refrigerants to be on the market, showcased together with the new iCO2 condensing unit and new range of Optyma™ cold room controls—among many others.  
With a continued focus on efficient, end-to-end refrigeration solutions, the ultra-low GWP-ready Optyma™ Plus condensing unit will be on display—which, on top of multi-refrigerant compatibility, offers optimized, energy-efficient performance, and more. Chillventa visitors can also expect to see the all-new, flexible EKE 100 Superheat controller for cold rooms, condensing units, GDMs, and ice cream machines.  
Rounding off the exhibition is a focus on the big opportunities for small format, standalone systems. With a full portfolio of hardware and software solutions to increase energy efficiency, remotely control and monitor applications, meet strict compliance standards, and ensure food safety, Danfoss supports the optimization of even the smallest applications.

Higher capacity and safer solutions in Industrial Refrigeration

Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration provides solutions that enable our customers to optimize industrial refrigeration systems by offering unique and reliable solutions built for natural refrigerants systems. Our solutions are designed to maximize flexibility and reduce complexity by providing safe operation, precise control, and energy efficiency. 
With rapid system type developments within larger industrial refrigeration systems using both ammonia (R-717) and CO2 (R-744), Chillventa visitors will experience Danfoss’s innovative and emerging portfolio dedicated to large, industrial transcritical CO2 systems—with products specifically designed for higher capacity, pressure, and temperatures. 
On display will be the IPS8 intelligent purging system that safely reduces non-condensable gasses in a system while boosting energy efficiency. Visitors will also see Danfoss’s latest portfolio of products for large industrial heat pumps dedicated to use with natural refrigerants. And with the LLS 4000 Electronic Liquid Level Switch, Danfoss will showcase the game-changing simplicity of the reliable, smart, compact, and cost-efficient switch for liquid level measurements.

A new era of greener Heat Pumps powered by Danfoss

From components and solutions and from source to supply, Danfoss experts are taking a value-chain approach to heat pumps for a decarbonized tomorrow. Hydronic heat pumps are the key to achieving the efficient electrification of the heating sector while reducing fossil fuel reliance. At Chillventa, Danfoss will present how it is moving beyond components to develop subsystem and module solutions with releases that facilitate the use of ultra-low GWP and natural refrigerants, enhance energy efficiency, and provide cloud monitoring of heat pump systems for commercial buildings, hospitals, data centers, and more.  
Visitors can expect a demonstration of Danfoss Digital Hydronics™ that balance buildings’ HVAC system to optimize heat pump performance all year round. Danfoss experts will also showcase how to unlock heat recovery and reuse potential by integrating heat pumps with district energy—the key to utilizing more renewable energy, waste heat, and low-temperature heat sources.  
Among many new product highlights on display at the exhibition, such as the latest releases of electric expansion valves and the superheat management control, Danfoss will unveil the VZN inverter scroll compressor with an all-new drive—the first commercial compressor in the R290 range. Plus, visitors will see the Turbocor® TGH high-lift compressor—the world’s first oil-free, variable-speed centrifugal compressor with an expanded operating range for high lift applications such as heat pumps, heat recovery, and air-cooled chillers in hot ambient climates. And with the innovative PSG scroll compressor—which has the possibility to reach higher condensing temperatures—OEMs are empowered to incorporate competitive hermetic scroll design technology into district heating, industrial heating, and heat recovery systems. Another not-to-be-missed release on display is the OFC check-and-stop valve that empowers OEMs to enhance system efficiency and reliability in oil-free heat pumps.

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