Unparalleled manifold compressor performance

Unparalleled manifold compressor performance

15-120TR per Circuit

Today, almost 90% of all commercial scroll air conditioning systems use manifold compressors.

Compressors in manifold configurations offer:

  • Flexibility in staging
  • High part-load efficiency 
  • Improved uptime 
  • Low applied costs 
  • Lower sound levels

Mastering the manifold designs over the years, Danfoss addresses the complex challenges that our customers face in extending their system capacities when using multiple scroll compressors. 

Our safe compressor operations with static and dynamic manifold piping design offers best in class performance under both full-load and part-load conditions. Each of the Danfoss large compressors is equipped with an oil equalization connector and oil sight glass rendering it ready for use in single, tandem or trio configuration with no additional cost. 

The Danfoss manifold configurations offer a wider capacity modulation. Our even and uneven manifold configurations up to 120TR in one circuit offer wide staged capacity modulation. For example, a system with six manifold compressors in two circuits offers capacity modulation from 17% to 100%. This enables higher part-load efficiency compared to screw technology in a system of equivalent capacity. Danfoss IDV technology, implemented in the 7.5-40 ton range of the fixed-speed Danfoss Scrolls DSH and Danfoss inverter Scrolls, further enhances energy efficiency under part-load conditions.

Mechanically, the sound level is also significantly lower than alternative compression technologies in larger capacities.