Join Danfoss at Data Center Nation Milan | 31 May 2023

martedì 2 maggio 2023

Power your green data journey with Danfoss at Data Center Nation Milan on 31 May 2023

Join Danfoss at the IT’s leading data centre event 

In recent years there has been a dramatic growth in the use of data, accelerated by the pandemic that has impacted the business continuity of entire economies. No matter the business, the importance of data continues to grow.

The sheer volume, accessibility and requirements for its storage and transport, are ballooning. The digital universe is expanding and the need to support and deliver time critical information to end users, places huge pressure on infrastructure and resources.

Italy is a focal point for connectivity between Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Italian market is still quite young but data centres are increasing in size and complexity. 

Moreover, the opportunity to achieve net zero emissions in data centres and even contribute positively to the circular economy is also there. To achieve this, a smart combination of technologies is required. 

Here at Danfoss, we offer a broad range of solutions to help data centres achieve their sustainability goals by improving the power usage effectiveness (PUE) and increasing their energy reuse factor — while supporting reliably high uptime. Danfoss offerings include solutions for cooling, fire safety, power distribution, energy storage, and heat recovery. 

We provide unmatched expertise, experience, and the broadest industry product portfolio. Partner with us and together we can design and create tailored solutions to future-proof data centres. 

Come join us at Data Center Nation Milan, on 31 May! Our experts can show you how we can help power your green data journey. Click the link below to register today.  

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Data center cooling, heat recovery and reuse

Ensure uptime and reduce energy consumption with sustainable cooling solutions and utilize excess heat and reduce your carbon footprint with innovative solutions. With Danfoss, you get the sustainable solutions for cooling any data center and capturing surplus heat to reuse it heating systems.

Technologies to build a sustainable data center system

Hydronic HVAC solutions 

Case Study | NEXTDC and Smardt Chiller Group

Powering Big Data with Sustainable Cooling

Highly reliable and efficient solutions for close controls / CRAC units


SEM-SAFE®: Innovative and reliable data center fire protection

Data center fires can be extremely costly. With the SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist system from Danfoss, data centers can fight fire efficiently while keeping operations running. This complete system protects lives, limits equipment damage, and minimizes downtime.

SEM-SAFE®: One single system for all data center fire protection needs

Data centre segment brochure

Water mist brochure

Virtus London9 case story

Equinix AM3 case story

Equinix ML5 case story

Verne Global case story

Can't make it to Milan?

Visit our Data Center page where you will find out about all our products and solutions to help future-proof data centres and power your green data journey.

The world's largest untapped energy source - Excess heat

The latest whitepaper from Danfoss has now been published, and this time we examine the issues and opportunities that lie with the world's largest untapped energy source - Excess heat.

At Danfoss we have a multitude of applications that increase heat re-use and enable high levels of sustainability.  This proves particularly effective when applied in data centres which have a huge amount of potential heat to re-use.

To discover a world of possibilities from using excess heat, click the link below to download the whitepaper