Danfoss Cool Update: tehničke informacije o proizvodima za hlađenje

  • Cool update - svibanj 2024
    • Novi polu-hermetički filter sušač za CO2 aplikacije • KoolProg Verzija 5.1.x: Ažuriranje za održavanje • MMIGRS2 i MCX15/20B2: Novi BIOS • Proširenje proizvodnje STF svitaka na tvornicu Grodzisk, Poljska • Video zapisi • Pojedinosti za dodatne informacije
  • Danfoss Cool update - travanj 2024
    • Optyma™ Plus A2L (A1) Postavke pri niskim vanjskim temperaturama • ICF 20-2-121L, nova varijanta elektromagnetskog ventila za industrijsko hlađenje, koja zamjenjuje EVRA(T) 10 • Optyma™ Slim Pack – Ukidanje modela sa Secop klipni kompresorima • DGS detektor plina: otpornik od 1K Ohma sada je uključen u vrećicu s dodatnom opremom • Ukidanje EKA komunikacijskih modula • Video zapisi i podcasti
  • Danfoss Cool update - ožujak 2024
    Ventili EV220B opće namjene s brtvenim materijalom NBR zamijenjenim EPDM ili FKM brtvom MTZ / NTZ kompresori kvalificirani za R454A/C i R455A SVL-140B program dijelova DN 50 - 150 za industrijske primjene CO2 Promjena procesa proizvodnje kućišta ventilskih stanica ICF 20-4/6 i ICF 25-4/6 Video zapisi i infogrami Pojedinosti za dodatne informacije
  • Danfoss Cool update- veljača 2024
    Novi GBC kuglasti ventili za 90 bara pušteni su na tržište. QR kod za Optyma™ kondenzacijskih jedinica. AK-PC 772B i AK-PC 781B upravljači agregata: nove verzije proizvoda. Video zapisi i infogrami.
  • Danfoss Cool update - siječanj 2024
    New ICAD B Actuator for Motorized Valve Control AK-PS Power Supply New Family Last Time Buy Option of Programming Keys EKA 183A and EKA 183B Industrial Solenoid Valves – Support Tools CTM 6 Multi Ejector – Removal of the DST Pressure Transmitter Videos on YouTube
  • Danfoss Cool Update - listopad 2023
    ACB Cartridge Pressure Switches are ATEX-Approved Several Accessories Related to AK-SM and AK2 Series Reach EoL and are Declared EoL Effective Immediately! Digitalization of Customer Instructions for Temperature Sensors Vulnerabilities Detected in the AK-SM 800A Additional Flat Top Cover Gasket Added to SVL Complete Valves DN 15-40 CO2 Portfolio – New Catalogue Video
  • New Variant of the ERC 112D Family - Dual Compressor Control KoolProg Software Ver 5.0.x: Maintenance Release Update Product Launch: EKE 100 Superheat Controllers and Valve Drivers VZH088/117/170 R41
  • New Models (21 and 38 cc) for Optyma™ Package Condensing Unit Range 3VLZ065 with R404A/R448A/R449A Release /
Danfoss IPS 8, Air Purger/ Serviceable Industrial Motorized Valve for Large CO2 Systems /AK-PC 782A and AK-PC 782B: Web Release of New Software Version 3.80 /AK-SM 800A Series: Software Release 3.3 Including Security Updates /Infograms
  • Optyma™ Plus Electronic Controller New Spare Par/
Phase Out and Call to Last Buy of AK-CC 750(A) /Global Launch of EKC 223/224 Controllers & EKA 206 Adapter/
GBCT 140 bar Ball Valve Extend to Stainless Steel Connections /
Twin Compressor - Bare Light Commercial Condensing Unit - Standardized Range (0.5 to 2 kW)/Fan Production Change for Optyma™ Light Commercial Condensing Unit /
New Models (21 and 38 cc) for Optyma™ Packaged Condensing Unit Range/
Videos on YouTube and Infograms
  • Danfoss Cool Update - svibanj 2023.
    Launch of ADAP-KOOL™ System Manager SM 800A Series & Phase Out of Older AK-SM 800 Series / KoolProg Ver 4.9.0.x: Maintenance Release Update / AK-SM 800A Series, List Price Update on “NO LON” Variants / EKC 312, 367 and 368 Controllers - Phase Out / StoreView Web Release 2.5 Adds Write Capabilities for Danfoss ADAP-KOOL™ System Manager Series / Videos on YouTube and Infograms
  • Danfoss Cool Update - ožujak 2023
    Optyma™ Plus, Optyma™ Slim Pack: New A2L-A1 Multi-Refrigerant Codes, Full Release Completed / Optyma™ iCO₂ 4.6 kW MT and 20 kW MT – 10 kW LT Package Unit Launch / 1.5 cu.in Filter Driers Manufacturing in India for Asia and Europe Regions / AK-SM 800A Series: End of Manual Allocation Process / Regional Setup for Belt Heaters for MTZ/MT/NTZ One and Two Cylinders and Scrolls: HCM/HCP/HRP/HRM/HRH/MLZ/MLM/LLZ / Videos on YouTube, Infograms
  • Danfoss Cool Update - veljača 2023.
    ICV Upgrade to 65 bar / CKB Pressure Switch for CO2 Applications – New Variant with Extended Pressure Connector / Pick the Right Solenoid Valve for Your Application – Danfoss Quick Selector / Maintenance Release of ERC 21X Series / Videos on YouTube, Infograms
  • Danfoss Cool Update - siječanj 2023.
    AK-SM 800A Series: Software Release 3.2 Including Security updates / EKE 1P: Release of New Software Version 2.14 and Production Resumed / EKC 315A, EKC 361 and EKC 366 Controllers’ Phase-Out and Possible Replacement / KoolProg Version 4.8.0.x: Maintenance Release Update / Optyma Light Commercial A14 Codes Wiring Diagram Change / Videos on YouTube
  • Danfoss Cool Update - prosinac 2022.
    BLE (Bluetooth Enabler) Adapter with Companion KoolConnect Application / AK-PC 782A and AK-PC 782B – Web Release of New Software Version 3.70 / AK-CH 6xx, EKC 33x and AK-PC 5xx Product Family’s Phase-Out / SNV-ST 140B Released for Large-Scale Transcritical CO2 Applications - Expanding SNV Portfolio / New CSR Wiring for Optyma™ Packaged Condensing Unit / Videos / Details for Additional Information
  • Danfoss Cool Update - studeni 2022.
    Valves Stations ICF 25 with ICFG (ICS Module) for Pressure Control / Pressure Switches: New Types KP4 and KP47WB with Increased MWP to 21,5 bar for Low Pressure Control / Introduction and Launch of New Optyma™ Control Platform for Cold Room Applications / IP Communication Between AK-PC 782B and AK-SM 800A Series / CDS Drive New User Manual Release / Videos / Trainings on Cold Room Calculation
  • Danfoss Cool Update - listopad 2022.
    Introducing the First Thermostatic Expansion Valve for CO2 on the Market / AK-PC 782B Pack Controller – Release of a New Product Version with Communication Over IP Towards System Manager AK-SM 800A Series / AK-SM 800A Series, Software Release 3.1 with Security Updates! / Introducing Storeview Web (SvW): An All-New Remote User Interface for Your Danfoss ADAP-KOOL™ System Manager / Videos and Infographics
  • Danfoss Cool Update - rujan 2022.
    New SVA-140B Stop Valve for Large Capacity CO2 Transcritical Systems / Pressure Switches KP7BS / KP17W / KP17B / KP17WB: Setting Restrictions to Max. 32 bar / AK-PC 651 Pack Controller Phase-Out / BO ECEx Coils are Replaced by BI IECEx / Danfoss@Chillventa 2022 - Meet Us at the Booth or Online, 11th-13th October! / Videos and infograms
  • Danfoss Cool Update - kolovoz 2022.
    Solenoid Valve for Refrigeration Applications: ICF 20-2 to Replace EVRA(T) 10, 15 and 20 / AK-CC55 Compact Case Controller Software Update / AK-CC55 Multi Coil Case Controller Software Update / EKC 326A Gas Cooler Phase-Out / Optyma™ Compressor Spare Part Code Modification / AK-CH 6xx, EKC 33x and AK-PC 5xx Product Families Phase-Out / Videos, infograms and webinars
  • Danfoss Cool Update - lipanj/srpanj 2022.
    System Manager AK-SM 800A Software Release 3.0 / VZH170 New Models with R410A/R452B/R454B / KPU Pressure Switches – Temporary Change of Snap Action Arm / MCX, AK-PC x51, EKE 347, EKE 400: Change of LCD Display Driver and New BIOS Release / Quick Selector for Solenoid Valves, Fluid Controls / Phase-Out of System Managers AK-SM 350 & AK-SM 720 and Associated Gateway P1 200 / Videos in YouTube ....
  • Danfoss Cool Update - svibanj 2022.
    Packaged Optyma™ Condensing Units with PED Certification / KoolProg Version 4.7 Maintenance Release Update / CTM 6 Multi Ejector and CCMT 16 - 42 Electric Regulating Valve – Pressure Transmitter Change / AK-PC 551 – Release New Software Version 1.70 / Shift from AK-CC 460x to AK-CC55 Water Loop / Videos in YouTube
  • Danfoss Cool Update - travanj 2022.
    Packaged Optyma™ Condensing Unit FH  FH² Compressor Change / AK-PC 782A – Release New Software Version 3.50 / Laser Marking Change on Coils / Solenoid Valve Range for Water Leak Detection / AK-CC55 SC (UI) SW Update 1.70 / KoolProg Ver 4.6.0.x: Maintenance Release Update / Videos in YouTube
  • Danfoss Cool Update - siječanj/ožujak 2022.
    Updated AK-ST 500 – Service Tool / Browser Certificate Issue Related to ADAP-KOOL™ System Manager AK-SM 800A detected / Using ICF Valve Instead of EVRA/T / New Compressor Models VZH088/117 with R410A/R452B/R454B Release / Scroll Compressor DSH381 Performances Improvement / Expansion Valve, type AKV P Valve Range Extended with AKV 10P8 and AKV 10PS8 / Livestream Recordings & Videos in YouTube / Latest Software Release of the Current Generation ADAP-KOOL™ System Manager, the AK-SM 800 Series / AK-SM 800 Series Enters a Scheduled End of Life (EoL) / AK-UI55 Displays - New Mounting Base / MTZ / NTZ Compressors Qualified with R455A One-Cylinder Models / New Titanium Pressure Transmitter for Marine Applications / DST P40I titanium pressure transmitter for harsh environments / Solenoid valves EV220BW for drinking water in NC and NO version meet strict legislative requirements / Optimized Cable Properties for Cable Plugs / New DEVIpipeguard™ LSZH / Frost protection of pipes and drain lines / New oil level sensor electrical part release...and much more...